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Photos: February & March 2012 - Umang and Grassroots

INDIA | Sunday, 18 Mar 2012 | Photo Gallery

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January - Trip to South India (Tamil Nadu) : Yogi Bear Course and Auroville

INDIA | Tuesday, 31 Jan 2012 | Views [609]

The train back to Delhi was a lot more enjoyable than on the way up, probably because we didn’t have to wait on a dirty station for 5 hours in the middle of the night but also because we were joined by two lovely ladies from Umang, Pooja and Basanti ... Read more >

Photos: January 2012 - South India (Tamil Nadu)

INDIA | Tuesday, 31 Jan 2012 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: December 2011 - Umang and Grassroots

INDIA | Saturday, 31 Dec 2011 | Photo Gallery

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December 2011– Getting Stuck in at Grassroots and Umang

INDIA | Saturday, 31 Dec 2011 | Views [560]

Hi all, Well December in Ranikhet has flown by. We feel thoroughly at home with Grassroots / Umang and the staff and have been getting stuck into the charity work. The cold room design is progressing well; I have been investigating earth building ... Read more >

Indie - sedmy tyden (Vanocni Kalika)

INDIA | Saturday, 24 Dec 2011 | Views [331] | Comments [1]

Sedmy vanocni tyden prejeme vam vsem milym lidickam spokojene a mirumilovne Vanoce a Novy rok 2012 plny lasky,  stesti a radosti. S laskou a ze srdce vam vsem preji Lenka a Matthew.

Indie - sesty tyden (Kalika)

INDIA | Saturday, 24 Dec 2011 | Views [384]

Sesty  tyden nas nemile prekvapil nevolnosti, ktera nas oba zastihla kazdeho v jiny den. Nastesti trvala jen kratce. Jak nam lide pred odjezdem rikali, ze kazdy se v Indii setka s nevolnosti a  to vetsinou kratce po prijezdu, nam se tato zkusenost ... Read more >

Indie - ctvrty a paty tyden (Kalika a Mukteshwar)

INDIA | Friday, 16 Dec 2011 | Views [392]

Zjistili jsme, ze se da text naseho blogu psany v anglictine zmenit do cestiny pomoci volby uvedene nize na uvodni strance naseho blogu (viz Select language). Text se neprelozi zcela spisovne, ale da se mu rozumet. Ctvrty tyden nam prinels ... Read more >

India Week 3&4 - Grassroots and Umang Intro

INDIA | Sunday, 4 Dec 2011 | Views [634]

After the arduous journey back from the Garwal we enjoyed a lazy Saturday reading outside the Grassroots office, occasionally changing position to keep up with the sun moving across the neighbouring field (The office is perched on a north facing ... Read more >

Indie - prvni az treti tyden (Delhi, Ranikhet, Joshimath a Grassroots)

INDIA | Wednesday, 30 Nov 2011 | Views [495]

Pro ty, kteri umi take anglicky, doporujcujeme si precist i text v anglictine, ktery je psan Mattym a neni doslovnym prekladem ceske verze. Po hektickych pripravach pred nasim odletem z Velke Britanie nas v hlavnim meste Indie cekal kulturni ... Read more >

India Week 2 - Trekking in Garwal

INDIA | Sunday, 20 Nov 2011 | Views [597]

The 12 hour, 200km bus and taxi ride from Ranikhet to Jossimoth was certainly an experience, although not the most pleasurable. Some of the drops from the edge of the roads were draw dropping to say the least, on a particular bus we were stood up ... Read more >

Photos: November 2011 - Delhi, Ranikhet and Garwal

INDIA | Sunday, 13 Nov 2011 | Photo Gallery

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India Week 1 - Delhi & Ranikhet

INDIA | Sunday, 13 Nov 2011 | Views [487]

After the wedding it got a little hectic with packing up all our belongings and getting the house ready to be rented and thus when it was finally came time to board the plane at Heathrow we were a little surprised as we hadn’t ... Read more >

Volunteering in The Himalayas 2

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 6 Oct 2011 | Views [283]

Hi all, Well plans for our trip are coming together. We are flying out to Delhi on 7th November. We have made contact with a charity which is located close to Ranikhet, in the Uttarakhand proficient which is about 3 hrs by train from Delhi. http:... Read more >

Volunteering in the Himalayas

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 1 Jul 2011 | Views [561]

Hello Friends and Family, Well we hope you are looking forward to the wedding, its getting pretty close now. Final preparations are falling into place and we are both getting very excited about our big day. You have probably opened this ... Read more >

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