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What It Means To Be Kiwi (ie, from New Zealand)

NEW ZEALAND | Saturday, 3 Sep 2011 | Views [16922] | Comments [3]

For those who were scratching their heads and wondering why I was blogging about what it meant to be a fruit on World Nomads, you just failed the first ‘Kiwi/not Kiwi’ test. It’s pretty hard to sum up a national identity in a ... Read more >

Tags: #blogyourbackyard, accent, being kiwi, character, food, from new zealand, kiwi, new zealand, new zealander, sport

Random Reflections on London

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 27 May 2011 | Views [700] | Comments [2]

Howdy folks... Well, after stressing, first about the volcanic cloud and then about actually getting to my plane in time for check-in (stupid journey to the airport took just over 2 hours.  Damn Toulouse traffic making the shuttle take its maximum of ... Read more >

Tags: london, new zealander, observations, travel

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