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Últimos Refúgios (Last Refuges) My impressions about the natural and cultural "last refuges". by.: Leonardo Merçon

My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Worldwide | Sunday, 18 September 2011 | 5 photos

The photographs I am subscribing were taken in Itaúnas, a small nature park in Brazil with lots of problems. Big industries are exploiting the area and the local community has a difficult relation with the park´s administration. Monoculture, hunting and fires set on purpose are threats that put this place in danger.
I graduated in Graphic Design which has a strong influence on my photographs. For that reason I am more critical with color, composition and image quality. My passion for nature photography developed from my early interest in animals by jumping out of the school window and search for small bugs in my school's garden. That, by the way, made me almost fail 1st grade of primary school. Nowadays, it’s what I plan doing for living.
My recent experiences among biologist are that I saw them fighting to protect nature following political rules, struggling with bureaucracy. As everybody is tired of moving in circles, I saw an opportunity to sensitize people with art. It’s a romantic view, but maybe that’s what is missing those days.
We can only protect what we know that exists! This is my main reason to photograph. Showing the beauties of nature and remaining cultures.
In Brazil, I coordinate a project called "Últimos Refúgios" (Last Refuges), trying to attain environmental sensitization, showing that there are still important things to protect. At all nature parks we apply this project we also speak at the community's schools nearby by showing our pictures and applying environmental education activities.
I think winning this scholarship will help me to earn reputation for my projects in Brazil and make it less difficult to obtain funds for upcoming projects. That’s my aim.

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