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thoughts (complaints) on jogging in a large city

USA | Tuesday, 17 February 2009 | Views [505]

after being stuck in bed for 3.5 days (the other .5 was on the couch), i couldn´t wait to get outside and be active.  this morning i woke up and took advantage of the 40 degree weather and sunshine and went for a jog.  the first one in a loooong while.

you know how it feels to start jogging again after leaving it for a long time?  you know, good in a way, but also like a gorilla is sitting on your chest and cotton balls in your throat?  combine that with a runny nose, cold air, car exhaust from morning traffic, and billows of cigarette smoke.  i wanted to be inside the gym down the street from my house, warm and cozy, jogging away on a tredmill with the latest issue of glamour magazine sitting in front of me.

i know that soon, jogging will be easy again, the weather will be warm, and my runny nose will disappear.  i´ll get used the the morning traffic, too, but i can´t say i´ll ever get used to running through pockets of cigarette smoke. 

Tags: exercise, urban life



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