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Byron Bay Sunset

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 21 November 2008 | Views [764]

How can one describe a Byron Bay sunset?
impossible, I think, in words. impossible in photographs.
alas, I will try.

it's as if the water itself is glowing.
there is a golden haze floating atop of the water.
swirling over and around the surfers,
catching them on fire.
it's hard to see them in this golden mist but they're there, bobbing with the pulse of the ocean
like your hand rises and falls on your chest.

the sun hits the water near the shore, lighting a blazing path from my feet to the horizon, as if beckoning me to join her in her descent.

everything is alive.
the roaring waves
the blinding sun
the misty mountains framing the bay, fading away into the distance
the battered rocks are alive
the air is alive with the smell of cooking fish and the sound of bongo drums
and so is your heart
thumping, rocking, swelling, lit on fire

disbelieving yet believing everything

there is nothing finer than this moment
where the past and the future converge.

creating a bang of light
called the present.

and since there is nothing more I can say so that your mind's eye will see what I see
I will sit here and live this sunset for the both of us.

Tags: australia, byron bay, laurfish, poem, sunset



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