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Lights of Tihar

Nepal | Saturday, 18 May 2013 | 5 photos

There is something about certain projects... When your pupils become dilated and your heartbeat pulsates like never before. You know you need to apply and it can't wait. For me the few experiences that provoked that feeling were the best decisions I have ever made. Like that time when I was 18 and decided to go on a cultural exchange in Benin for 5 months, or that adventure I just came from "La Course autour du monde". I traveled the world, competing to make the best short films on Québec television. Panama, Nepal and a whirlwind of new places. Each week, a different country, a new way to understand humanity. Next week, I will embark on another adventure back to Benin. With the help of my community TV channel, I will make short videos and build on my photography portfolio. My camera acts as a tool to enter the unknown, an excuse to take risks and to travel with purpose. Working with National Geographic has been my ultimate goal. If I can realize this dream at such a young age, I might be able realize my other goal: living off of my passion. All this to say that at this moment, a young French Acadian has very dilated pupils and his heart is about to pop out of his chest.

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