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Encouraging Signs from the Universe

SPAIN | Thursday, 26 April 2012 | Views [947] | Comments [1]

I've had two very heartwarming experiences since my arrival in Spain that I'd like to share because I think they're very positive signs that the Universe is continually smiling on me and that I'm well watched over by angels in the guise of human beings.

Yesterday in Madrid I was looking for directions to my hostal and I approached a friendly looking man with a big belly, copper skin, an unruly beard and mustache and a smile on his face. He was smoking on a stoop and it was about time I had a smoke, so I approached him. I speak almost no Spànish, and he spoke almost no English, but the most amazing conversation unfolded between us despite the barrier. Once I deciphered his directions I told him that I was preparing to walk the Camino de Santiago Via de la Plata route. He asked me what religion I was...was I Catholic? No. Evangelist? No. Buddist? Well... Spiritual, I said, just spiritual. Bueno (good) he said. Catholic and Evangelist all money, money, money. No good. Spiritual good. But why, why walk the Camino? he wanted to know. Michael asked the same question...Michael was my cab driver...

Today, on my way from the Santa Justa train station to the Caja Habitada I was waiting in line for a taxi and prayed to Great Spirit to send me a driver who knew a little English and who would be kind and patient with me due to the language restrictions. Up pulled Michael. A kind-hearted, roly-poly man with crooked teeth, but a beautiful smile. Michael didn't speak much English either,but more than smoking-on-the-stoop-man and was kind enough to tell me I would have a hard time on the trail knowing so little Spanish (just mirroring the fears I have), but he wanted to know my motive, as well. 

So, in three short and poorly formed sentences I told them my story. Here it is:

"Yo separado" (I separated) and pointed to my ring finger. "Yo duele" (I hurt) and put a hand over my heart. "Caminer es mi medicamento" (Walking is my medicine).

And their responses warmed my heart!

Smoking-on-the-stoop hombre (man) told me "you walk spiritual, you good person!" and pushed at the sides of his mouth indicating my smile, then put his hand over his heart, indicating my heart. He said, "you be okay" and I took it to mean that I would be watched over on my journey.

Michael pointed at his ring finger, too, told me about his recent separation, his two small children ages 7 and 4 and said maybe walking would help him, too. When we arrived at Calle de Credito, where my hostal is located, he realized, with all our chit-chat (he indicated this with the "puppet hand" action) that he hadn't set the meter. I asked him ?Cuánto (how much?) and he smiled at me and waved his hand and said, nada (nothing). It brought tears to my eyes. We were empathetic of each others experience. He gave me the traditional kiss on both cheeks and a big hug,helped me put my pack on and drove away.

It touches me that these acts of loving kindness unfolded with men. In my first post I raised concerns about men and travelling solo on this journey. It's as though the Universe is telling me, no worries, sister! We're watching over you, here's proof! So, if these two strangers are any indication of the encouragement and support that I'll undergo along the trail, then I am one fortunate woman! I give great love and gratitude for the affirmation!

Blessings, K



"you walk spiritual, you good person!" !!!

  Svet Apr 30, 2012 12:17 AM



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