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Land of Smiles

Well I need to finish this chapter

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 27 Apr 2008 | Views [211]

Ok well we are now back in England and I have read through my journal and realised that about half the story is missing. I think the easiest explanation is that we ended up taking on a thai style cha-cha approach to life but I have realised that I need ... Read more >

Safia's addition to Many Moons Later

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 14 Apr 2008 | Views [254] | Comments [1]

Hello, Well I just wanted to add few details to waht Kim has already written. For example, so that you can comprehend the scale of the waterfight yesterday, you may like to know that the local fire engine got involved and went cruising around the town ... Read more >

Many Moons Later

THAILAND | Monday, 14 Apr 2008 | Views [311] | Comments [1]

Hi everyone. Phew well we finally have a bit of time to use the net and update you all on our travels. Well we last wrote a detailed log back in Ayutthaya which was a week ago. We have navigated across Thailand using multiple forms of transport since ... Read more >

Sorry - only quick one

THAILAND | Friday, 11 Apr 2008 | Views [278]

Hi Everyone! SOrry only short one but internet very slow and bit pricey here. Now on Koh Phangan (island) and we're starting our dive course tomorrow morning. Both alive and well though recovering from a few over friendly leeches we encountered yesterday ... Read more >

What Wat is what?

THAILAND | Sunday, 6 Apr 2008 | Views [239]

Hello, I just wanted to add to Kim's entry to say that the weather here is lovely and hot, and we hope you are all suitably envious! Enjoy the snow!! love Safia

What Wat is That?

THAILAND | Sunday, 6 Apr 2008 | Views [283] | Comments [3]

We started the day yestrday with a very very early start so we could cycle 6 kilometres in the dark (sorry Mums) with no helmet and one reflector between the two bikes so we could watch sunrise next to a buddha at the top of a steep hill. But it was ... Read more >

How can so much happen in just 2 and a bit days?

THAILAND | Friday, 4 Apr 2008 | Views [258]

Hey everyone - you may have noticed that Safia is also enterng stories on here so don't be confused if I suddenly seem to start talking about myself (it's probably her). She's likely to talk more about nasty animals and food than me! Ok, so when Safia ... Read more >

What happened next

THAILAND | Wednesday, 2 Apr 2008 | Views [270] | Comments [1]

Well we are now on our last full day in Bangkok before we head north to Sukothai. We have used the time wisely by returning to have lunch at Cabbages and Condoms, and eating more delicious food there. Kim decided to write on the comments card because ... Read more >

Safia's additions to Kim's story

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 1 Apr 2008 | Views [308]

Having read Kim's story below, you may feel that we have been slightly extravagant in having three massages and a pedicure in the space of less than two days, but allow me to say in our defence that this is our equivalent of the hard partying that we ... Read more >

3 massages, 2 Wats and a pedicure later....

THAILAND | Tuesday, 1 Apr 2008 | Views [308] | Comments [2]

Well since I updated this journal yesterday we have had an oil massage at a very posh spa, had a pedicure at a salon that was definitely not posh in any way and today we had a thai massage and a reflexology foot massage. And this was in between eating ... Read more >

The End of one VERY long journey and the beginning of another (this one is far more exciting though)

THAILAND | Sunday, 30 Mar 2008 | Views [300] | Comments [2]

Well we are here and both alive and in one piece. Safia somehow ended up staying up for 38 hours with no sleep - I'll let her explain why when she gets home. We both managed to get a couple of hours on the plane and have had a couple of hours nap at ... Read more >


UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 23 Mar 2008 | Views [222]

Well welcome to my journal. Only 7 sleeps until we begin our journey!!! Short compared to most backpackers but long enough to get a real taste and have lots of fun along the way. Who knows maybe this will give me the bug for life? If you know me well ... Read more >

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