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We're Leaving This 2 Star Town!!! fter deciding enough is enough,We are packing our bags and leaving the Stowe Massive,for a little Kayleigh and Hanna time!! We dont have much of a plan...but we're just gonna go with the flow and hope for the best!! First stop is singapore,then onto Sy


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Thursday 5th July 2007Malaysia – Johor

In search of everything cheap we ventured across the border to Johor. It stared as a dark rainy day, but got better when we arrived. Driving round the city you can see all the differences between Johor and Singapore firstly the cars. No longer would we see BMWs and Mercedes, Ferrari’s and Aston Martins. In their place would be the banged up old motors, that chav’s like to drive at home!! And the odd VW Beetle. (Sorry Kitty I tried to get a photo for you.) Secondly the people, they are a lot more tanned. I also noticed a lot more homeless people and beggars!!

After our snippet of culture we went shopping. While Leigh and I had to try and hold back, Hannah went for it with everything she had!! Being her last day on holiday she was more than happy to spend as much as she could!! We all separated off apart form Leigh and I to get in as much shopping as poss!!

Meeting at half 2 for lunch was a disaster!! Leaving Leigh in charge of writing the order was not a good idea! I wanted garlic bread and spag bog, and ended up with pizza and watery fish pasta!! Hannah’s spag bog was cold and nothing tasted nice but with can you expect for £5 for 4 meals lol!!

After shopping till we were almost ready to drop we found a place that sold knock off Dvd’s and CD’s!! Happily sifting thought for at least half and hour we all came away with some thing we wanted!! ( IVE GOT 24 SEASON 6 YAY!!!) Heading back to the car talking about everything we had bought, Leigh was a bit distracted with Malcolm’s bberry and didn’t get into the lift with us in time, as the impatient woman was pressing all the buttons closed the doors!! All I heard as the doors slid closed was Wahrrr!! Lol!! Going straight back up in the lift to get her she wasn’t there!! This is where the hour long search for Leigh and the car began!!

Deciding it would be easier to find Leigh in the car we set off to find it!! Walking up and down, round and round the massive 3 story underground hot and sticky car park, we soon realised we had no idea where the car was!! Mean while Leigh was standing waiting at the car!! After what seemed like hours of meaningless wondering we went back up to the shopping centre to retrace our steps!! Leigh had given up waiting for us and with the bberry rang home to try and get a message to us!! Not having any signal underground we didn’t get it!! Finally we found the car!! Driving up and down, round and round again in search for the missing one. Leigh had gone back to the car and it was gone!!! Im not sure how we found her in the end but we did!! After all of this we still had to get back through customs (they have machine guns and machities here Kitty) and back into Singapore in rush hour!!!

Finally getting through and getting another 30 days on our visa luckily we had one last thing to do on Hannah’s last day!! Monkeys!! Our Fantastic tour guide knew exactly where to find them!! Driving up a side road there they were just hanging around minding there own business!! They are obviously used to people and cameras!! And didn’t mind our temporary intrusion into there busy day of forridging.

Arriving home with little time for Hannah to pack the new additions to her wardrobe, we had dinner and said our goodbyes!! It was very sad to see her leave with still so much to do and see. Two weeks in Singapore just isn’t enough!!

Chiang Mai (Thailand) watch out Me and Leigh are on our way…..







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Hey you girls - where is the report on Thailand then ?

This is the day (well the day before actuially) that I have dreaded. Saying goodbye is not really our thing is it, but say goodbye I have to. It has been wonderful to have you both around and to have H2 for the first week you were here. I know you have enjoyed your stay here but it is time for you to say goodbye to these slim, small, dark haired people and say gooday to them Aussies. I am sure they will love you, after all most of them here think you are one of them !

Have a great flight, have a great time, give my love to Suzi and take care.

Next week the family will be all over the place : Kay"leigh" in Aus, Danielle in Japan, Dad in China and mum holding the fort in England - when will we all be under the same roof again I wonder.

Lots of Love H1 and Leigh

  DAD STAFFORD Jul 17, 2007 11:48 AM

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