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Nori Bong and the Road

SOUTH KOREA | Wednesday, 6 February 2008 | Views [2913] | Comments [1]

The Woman in Home ever dressed in Traditional Korean Gown.

The Woman in Home ever dressed in Traditional Korean Gown.

Hello, Sorry No entries for a while just been a busy bee at work nothing special going on. I’ve got the next 5 days off work for lunar New Year not sure what I'm doing yet, just exploring and day trips etc I’ll let you know. I didn’t enjoy the delights of Shrove Tuesday, No pancakes here I’m afraid, they don’t celebrate Pancake Day but I did get a new years present from my box. It was kind of odd…. A huge box of Oranges and not normal sized oranges Korean oranges are huge. Other people got bottles of wine, silk purses etc. I’m happy with my oranges anyway because fruit is pretty expensive out here more expensive than alcohol anyway. So Whilst you were celebrating Shrove Tuesday I jus went out with my friends to celebrate the beginning of the New Year holiday got smashed and went to Nori Bong (Karaoke Room) Its so much fun you get your own room that has a massive TV and sound system an a book of songs an a settee and you have this big remote control. You can jus have your friends in their get drunk and sing your heart out to summer of 69 or whatever and it scores u out of 100 at the end. They have these places everywhere, They also have DVD bongs (DVD Rooms) which is the same concept u can take a film out of the library and watch it on a massive screen with a great sound system and a really comfy sofa like a bed type thing. I’ve not been to one of those yet but lots of time to do that.

Today I jus went for Galbi with some friends for lunch an Baskin Robbins ice cream afterwards yummy and Then I went to this Superstore called Homever that is kind of like a Debenhams but absolutely HUGE. It has 3 floors food court on the bottom which has everything in it. I got sum art stuff to keep in my room like acrylic paints and sketch books pens and pencils etc which will be nice to use in my spare time. On the second floor there is clothes make up handbags glasses Jewelry etc. And on the top floor there was a beauty salon for pets and they had these cute tiny little puppies that jus looked like teddy bears in glass boxes soo cute but soo cruel I jus wanted to take them away with me. One of the more grown up puppies was in a metal pen and he could see us at the window and was trying to escape poor thing it made me sad to see it there

Anyways more things to tell you about the culture. The topic is cars and the road.

First of all most of the cars on the road are of 2 makes, Kias and Hyundai’s most people have kind of 4x4 cars but there are little run around smaller cars too. The colours range from black to silver or black. They don’t really have any brightly coloured cars here. They don’t have to pay car tax the Bain of most peoples lives and most people have sat navs that are bigger than tom toms but with a flat screen. You can also watch TV on this whilst driving the car which many taxi drivers do as it isn’t illegal so I make sure I’m properly strapped in at all times when the car is moving. Another thing is that they don’t really pay much attention to the traffic lights, it’s not illegal here to run a red light they just make judgment calls and at cross roads it’s kind of a free for all, another reason to keep safely strapped in. The drivers are absolutely mental! Changing lanes unexpectedly pulling out and running red lights, also mopeds and motorbikes just drive willy nilly on the pavement and expect the pedestrians to get out of the way in a James bond fashion without their kneecaps being knocked out by the passing speeding vehicle. Also because the traffic runs red lights you have to be extra careful when you are crossing the road because even when there’s a green man on a car may pull out. I had a close call with a big Hyundai Getz when I first came here I used the green cross code like a good girl but as soon as I stepped out onto the road it came hurtling round the corner obviously not having seen me, nearly took me nose off. So I have learnt to be patient and run across the road furtively when I think it’s safe for fear of becoming road kill ha-ha. xxxxxxxx Ju


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Hi Julia,

So glad to read that you have arrived safely and enjoying your new experiences! If only we had known that you didn't have pancakes-we would have raised one of ours to you!
We shall be checking in to hear your news, all the boys send their love.
Keep safe and happy.
Love Caroline and all the Baker Boys!

  Caroline Baker Feb 7, 2008 2:34 AM

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