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Jubaloos Adventures Hello and welcome to my travelling journal. I have set it up so that everyone can see what I am getting up to without me fretting that I have left someone out.Dont forget to let me know how your doing!

About jubaloo

Hi, Well all my friends know who I am but for the benefit of any visitors- I am going to the otherside of the world to South Korea to Teach English to 7-14 year old children in a language school. I have always been interested in teaching and thought this was a perfect opportunity for me to experience it and other new cultures along the way(plus the bonus of getting paid to do it all). I am going to be here for a year and who knows.. I may want to stay.. or I may want to experience new cultures in passing time. Either way you can read all about it and find out what I am interested in and where I progress to.

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