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Looking Back

USA | Tuesday, 25 Mar 2008 | Views [375]

We are resting up from our trip to Central America (11/07-3/08 - journals.worldnomads.com/connieandjohn ) and taking care of all the mundane matters of civilization like taxes, doctors, dentists and such.  We also have been thinking of some trips we ... Read more >

Fast Forward

SOUTH AFRICA | Thursday, 20 Mar 2008 | Views [594]

It has been four years since our time in South Africa.   The DeWildt Cheetah Centre is thriving.   It is financially stable thanks largely to contributions from supporters in the US and Great Britain, corporate sponsorships, and to cheetah adoptions ... Read more >

Going Home

SOUTH AFRICA | Friday, 16 Jul 2004 | Views [506]

We are somewhere over North Africa (or maybe the Alps?) in the next to the last row of a Lufthansa 747.   The back row is our preference since it is usually vacant and you can lie down and spread out.   I actually got several hours sleep thanks to ... Read more >

Fahad Game Farm

SOUTH AFRICA | Tuesday, 13 Jul 2004 | Views [1159]

  We finished the student house on Friday and were feted last night at a braai where Ann gave us ‘ A Day in Africa and   Spots Before Your Eyes,   co-authored by her and Howard Buffet with a forward by Dr. Jane Goodall.   We also met Ron Magill ... Read more >

Life in the Compound

SOUTH AFRICA | Tuesday, 6 Jul 2004 | Views [549]

I have only six more pieces of tile left – the ugly cuts around the kitchen and several rooms of trim.   We hope to be finished on Thursday. After work we stopped at the ‘compound’ to take pictures of Jackson’s baby and ended up taking shots of ... Read more >


SOUTH AFRICA | Tuesday, 29 Jun 2004 | Views [622]

Nothing much exciting has happened since our return from Dwalbroom (which means‘last tree’, the southernmost baobab) with Kellie and Deon.   We worked at m ore tiling, grouting and cleaning.   I took Parks’ kids, Carumbo and Caroline (even when I saw ... Read more >

What's Wrong With Cheetahs?

SOUTH AFRICA | Friday, 25 Jun 2004 | Views [2147]

Despite the fact we haven’t been dealing with the care and feeding of cheetahs on a daily basis and our field work has been minimal, you can’t help but learn something when you are around so many dedicated researchers.   DeWildt is the premier cheetah ... Read more >

Field Work

SOUTH AFRICA | Thursday, 24 Jun 2004 | Views [557]

Yesterday, our first day of tiling, was a bit of a disaster.   Not only do we hurt, we also pretty much suck at tiling.   So we’ve left for Atherstone Game Reserve in Limpopo 250 kilometers from DeWiltd to work with Deon and Kelly.   As soon as we ... Read more >

Carpe Diem

SOUTH AFRICA | Monday, 21 Jun 2004 | Views [423]

It is the first day of winter and, surprise, it rained during the night.   Will my jeans ever dry?   There isn’t much to report on.   We finished all the little painting chores on Saturday and Sunday and joined Noel, Helen and a dozen of their friends ... Read more >

Happy Birthdays

SOUTH AFRICA | Thursday, 17 Jun 2004 | Views [472]

Today is my birthday - another year older, and what a year it has been. Vanessa’s 40 th birthday party got a little out of control the other night but no harm was done – except to her head.   There were tons of food (although no one admits to eating ... Read more >

Visitors from Home

SOUTH AFRICA | Tuesday, 15 Jun 2004 | Views [396]

It’s catch up time for the journal.   We’ve been busy and it’s been hectic around here.   Emmett, Marsha, our friends from Colorado, and their crew arrived on Saturday and to judge by the preparations you would think it was a visit from the King. ... Read more >

Bye-bye Botswana

BOTSWANA | Thursday, 10 Jun 2004 | Views [657]

This will be, baring major catastrophe, our last night in Botswana.   We’re camped at a ‘highly recommended’ campground ‘behind the railroad station’ (which sounds like an earplug recipe) in the town of Palapye.   No matter, it can’t be noisier than ... Read more >

In the Delta

BOTSWANA | Tuesday, 8 Jun 2004 | Views [1482]

We arose at 5:00am on Sunday to meet our pickup to Makwena Lodge in the Okavanga.   Actually the Lodge is on an island at the edge of the Delta at the southern end of the panhandle as we found out when we saw the map.   And on our flight we learned ... Read more >

Welcome to Botswana

BOTSWANA | Saturday, 5 Jun 2004 | Views [583]

It took all day Friday to travel from Etosha to Botswana along the Angolan border.   At first it didn’t look like there was a road into Botswana but we saw a border crossing on the map so we took a chance.   On the way out of Etosha, after having ... Read more >

Thoughts on Namibia

NAMIBIA | Friday, 4 Jun 2004 | Views [355]

Namibia is about the size of Texas but averages fewer than two people per square kilometer. While we’ve seen only part of the country, we are impressed with the landscape and the fortitude of the inhabitants.   Most of the people live in rural ... Read more >

At The Waterhole

NAMIBIA | Thursday, 3 Jun 2004 | Views [390]

We slept late today after our long day yesterday and explored the western most part of Etosha open to the public.   At the Oliphants waterhole we watched a lone male elephant approach for a drink. Soon he was joined by another young male and shortly ... Read more >

Close Encounters of the Lion Kind

SOUTH AFRICA | Wednesday, 2 Jun 2004 | Views [367]

Overnight what I thought was a jackal in the trash turned out to be a honey badger whose reputation for raiding thrash cans has earned him mention in the official Etosha guide book.   Our long day began at the waterhole at 3:30am.   It seemed like ... Read more >

Etosha National Park

NAMIBIA | Tuesday, 1 Jun 2004 | Views [391]

I can’t believe it is June already! Where has the time gone?   We spent our first day in Etosha in the eastern part of the park.   The west is open only for tour operators and our camp is in the middle of the public part.   Unlike Kruger in April ... Read more >

Skeleton Coast

NAMIBIA | Monday, 31 May 2004 | Views [373]

Today was another long day of driving, inevitable in Namibia.   Sometime during the night the wind switched from the east – the desert side – and dried things out so putting away the tent was OK.   But as we drove up the Skeleton Coast it was like ... Read more >

Walvis Bay

NAMIBIA | Sunday, 30 May 2004 | Views [699]

Back home this is the Memorial Day week-end where in a former life we would   be ---- camping!   H ere in Namibia where our campsite is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Namib Desert, it’s a little different.   The last time we camped within ... Read more >

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