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A day in the life of a pretend chief

FIJI | Friday, 30 October 2009 | Views [1453] | Comments [1]

Greetings from the southern hemisphere from a little place called Vorovoro, Fiji. This is home for the Tribewanted project, where people from all over the world visit and participate in the building of the Fijian eco village. And each month there is an elected chief for each calender month, it was one of my travelling highlights. Here's a day in the life of a pretend chief:

Open one eye. Open second eye. Stretch and vacate the four poster bed made from driftwood. Put on some boardies and leave my thatched hut. Stop. Take a deep breath and absorb the serene surroundings. It’s another glorious day in Vorovoro.

Bang the village ‘lali’ (drum). This signifies the sun rise and I getta kick outta waking up the whole village. Good morning Vorovoro!

Grab some snorkelling gear and leg it to the ocean before an angry tribe member batters me! Haha, too late, I’m off with the fishies. The sea is warm and clear. Warm and clear. These early morning coral sessions are the best starts and one doesn’t have to go far before and underwater kingdom reveals itself. Loud shout going out to the blue sea-stars. Respect to the sting rays. Easy now Mr Shark.

Hang out on the floating bamboo raft, appreciating Vorovoro in all its lushness, contemplating and waiting for the kitchen bell to ring.

Breakfast. Cuppa cha (tea), bowl of porridge, slice of papaya. Sorted. Rolling on to the picnic tables by the beach. Perhaps watch a baby turtle hatch and scuttle down to the sea. God speed little fella.

Blow the ‘duvui’ (shell horn) to alert the tribe for the 9am meeting. I am musically handicapped so it was no surprise that my first attempt sounded like a pathetic raspberry fart. This is no good, so I took a trip up to the waterfall and practised. It has now been mastered and a deep, rumbling VOOOOOOOOOOooouuuuu is produced each time. Yes yes.

The tribe and Team Fiji congregate in the Grand Bure (giant hut) for a quick meeting. This involves talking about current trips (reef trip, school visit etc) projects (maybe weaving some coconut leaves for a new roof), and letting people get involved as much as they want to.

Get those fingers green with some gardening... the baby seedlings need moving.

Morning tea with banana cake. Or chocolate cake. Maybe a pancake (or three).

Maybe a cultural class... learn the traditional dance or language. Maybe go on a foraging tour... perhaps even spearfishing.

Lunch time... pawpaw curry with roti...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

A little siesta. That cheeky lil’ power-nap to recharge the batteries. Ideally up in the hammock in the treehouse.

Afternoon tea. With yet more cake. Perhaps donuts. If anyone coming to Vorovoro thought they would loose weight, they would be mistaken.

As the day winds down, everyone gets together for some volleyball or football... or you can just hangout in the hammocks.

Dinner time! Cook up some fresh fish in coconut milk. The food here is delicious. All dietry requirements are catered for.

Grab the sulu (sarong) and settle down at the top of the mat for some high tides of kava the traditional drink. Indoors or outdoors, it always turns in to a Fijian acoustic concert…

“Dulaaa duuuuuuuuula laaaaaaaywaaah…”

10:30pm (ish)
Swim out to the pontoon and try not to think of ‘Jaws’. I recommend distracting yourself by backstroking and looking up at the milkyway. Lay on the floating raft and count the shooting stars. But it gets better… the sea is full of magic… when you swim thousands of illuminated twinkling algae appear. What is this called? Phosphorescents or something? Whatever they are, no LSD is required, this is a natural trip. The best sort of trip. Twinkles everywhere. As above, so below.

If you're coming to Fiji... check out tribewanted.com



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We like your story and have decided to feature it this week so that others can enjoy it too.

Happy Travels!

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  World Nomads Nov 9, 2009 2:03 PM

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