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THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF JESS & DAN back on the road again...

Edinburgh, Scotland

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 3 July 2008 | Views [656] | Comments [4]

Dear all,

firstly before i forget i loaded a couple of new photos on..they are in the scotland and ireland albums..will maybe try and load a few more later.

We were so wrecked yesterday afternoon, especially after the huge day on the tour. we were planning on getting an early night, but when we came back to the room 4 guys from a punk rock band from israel were sharing our room. They were so chatty and heaps of tatoos and stories they were sharing..ended up bleaching their mohawks for them and only getting 3 hours sleep because we were up again at 4.30am to catch a taxi to get to the airport for our flight at 8am. Once again a ridiculously short flight, we spent longer at the airport and collecting our luggage then we did on the actual flight.

Edinburgh is beautiful, its already ranking on my favourite cities. We hadnt even planned to come here, but now were planning when we can come back. theres an awesome mix of history, new town and old town, gorgeous parks, weird food, whisky and everything else fabulous about the scots..tartan and shortbread. Our hostel is really nice as, huge rooms and a nice kitchen.

Day started really well..by chance guess who we came across who was also visiting edinburgh just down from our hostel?? any guesses??...the QUEEN!! the actual queen with white gloves waving to everyone, she was here to knight some people and we saw her going into the church..well correctly we saw her hat and heard "god save the queen" and someone else photo they snapped of her, but in our photos you cant really see much,but we were still excited to see the queens hat!hooray!

For our only day in edinburgh we went on the free walking tour of the city, covered ALOT of stuff, edinburgh castle, 650million years of scottish history, politics, famous writers, the writer of hykel and jyde who loves the whore house, stole a ridiculous amount of money by being a locksmith and copying peoples keys and then stealing everything, then because he was part of the town council he was put in charge of finding the criminal stealling everything, dodgy bugger was eventually found out and hung at the place that he ordered be built as a councilman...hehehehe. our tour guide had some awesome stories...maggie was hanged for concealing a child which was highly illegal..but she came back to life after being hanged and because they couldnt hang her again because she'd technically already been hanged for the crime..double jeopardy..so she was allowed to live and went on to build a pub in front of the place she was hanged so she could watch everyone else be hanged..yay.

its a great city and were definately coming back. tomorrow we have appointments to get our national insurance numbers which are like tax numbers, then catching the bus to pitlochry where were getting picked up and taken to the caravan park where were going to spend the next couple of months.

weather has been beautiful.

really tired after 3 nights of 4 hours or less sleep each night..

love to everybody, love jess xoxoox



Hi Kid's,.....Who is Hykel and Jyde??? Is it Jeckel & Hyde?? You must be soooooo tired. Wow if only my eye's could connect to your's. It is wonderful to have seen all you've seen. And Jess you know me so well...I don't think I could walk across that bridge. Two steps in and I would be stuck, not going forward or back. We are gearing up for our big trip here. I can't believe it was planned 18 months ago and now we are going. In fact I don't think I want to go now. Too much has happened in the past week and with Mel going 2 weeks after we get back ....I'm not sure. Anyway it's here. In case I can't contact you for the next month, have a great time in your job's and look after yourselves.
My love to the three of you.
Mum (Tina) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Tina Jul 3, 2008 8:18 AM


Wow, just read both new blogs and I'm exhausted just from hearing all about your adventures so I can only imagine how tired all of you must be. The stories you will all have to tell both us and your future children ( way in the future I might add ) will be amazing. How lucky you are to be experiencing all of this. We are all so thrilled for you and a little jealous too. Keep having a ball. Even though you will be working, to have each other at the same job will be so much more enjoyable. Love to you all love mum, dad, luke (with the puffy face but doing exceptionally well considering the wisdom teeth op was only on monday!!! ) and bec xxxxoooooo

  mum Jul 3, 2008 11:10 AM


Hi Jess, Dan, Amy, many thanks for your news on Ireland it was so interesting, we haven't been there at all, although Betty is always telling me about it. You sound as if you had a great time, I really don't know how you find time to write to us all so often. Knew you would enjoy Endinburgh, I love how the castle looks down onto the City. Fancy the Queen being there, I was going to ask you to pop in to see her sometime - her Summer Residence isn't far from where you are at the Caravan Park (don't think its walking distance) perhaps have aftenoon tea and just say Hi from G'Pa and I (ha ha) Enjoy your stay in Scotland, don't work too hard, you know the saying'all work and no play........' Luv to all G'Ma and G'Pa

  val and mick Jul 3, 2008 1:53 PM


hi kids just read the Edinburgh,bit my great great grand parents come from there if i can find out will send address to you , gee you all seem to be having a ball, so pleased to hear the weather is fine , as it can be very cold , but you are in summer . Dan can you send me your address at the park as i want to send a B,day card well thats it all my love Nan W xxxxx00000

  nan white Jul 6, 2008 11:23 AM

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