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THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF JESS & DAN back on the road again...


AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 25 June 2008 | Views [517] | Comments [4]

In all the job excitement, i didnt write anything of our adventures at alton towers and in manchester...

last friday..not sure of the date..all the days seem to merge into one when i dont work..went to alton towers with amys cousin louise. It use to be a castle and gardens, however it got turned into a theme park, but its a very tasteful pretty themepark, theres heaps of rides..and as im writing about this im remembering that ive already wrote it before on here..duh..sorry.

last friday night..im pretty sure i didnt write about that!..were staying with louises older sister elise in manchester now, she just moved in the apartment a little while ago and this weekend there was us and some other friends at the apartment to celebrate their housewarming. So friday night we celebrated the house warming by leaving the house..yay, caught the bus into town, toasted our being in manchester with 2 litre bottles of strongbow and blackcurrant (dosnt have to be blackcurrant tho, weve tried it with cheaper raspberry cordial and its still good), anyway drove through curry mile, which is a mile of indian restuarants and it all smells awesome. From there we half fell off the bus at revolution, a VODKA bar!great, they made awesome pimms cocktails and had a huge HUGE vodka menu that included chili, cherry, bakewell tart, porridge, peach and a very tasty strawberry and vanilla.

From there we walked to a cheap drink place, only 2pounds per cocktail, very good again, not sure what mine was called..but it was tasty. From there to a baabar with a huge shooter menu, then to our final stop which i have no idea what it was called or what i drank..but it was good. Our final stop was food, no 24hour maccas so we went to a kebab, burger, chip and pizza place all in one..the cheeseburger wasn't even that good but i ate it all, amy went home with some random numbers of the male and female variety. We had to walk to bus stop, elise ended up on dans shoulders smacking all the street signs with her hand as we walked along..

Catching the bus home at 3am, we watched the sun starting to rise..the sunlight hours here are crazy, and apparently its only going to get worse the further we go up, tash said in pitlochry where we are going it dosnt get totally dark till 11.30pm, and then light again at 3amish.crazy..even crazier when ur trying to sleep, but also handy when ur walking home from the busstop at 3am.

luckily we had a few, because due to the number of people in the apartment, we didnt have a bed as such, so dan and i had the rug and amy had the couch.comfy.

Saturday began with vegemite on toast, showers and a trip to the super market to get food and drinks for the second night of house warming party. Saturday was also the first day of wii playing...and im hooked..i want a wii...i was even good at tennis and bowling and ski jumping, which is strange because i am a retard when it comes to playstation and nintendo games...or does tetris count as a game to be good at?

second night of house warming began with a bbq of hamburgers and sausages and more wii and wine and 2litre strongbows..always a good mix, i think the wii skills got pregressively worse as the night went on..by midnight people were falling off the platform and hitting the lights on the roof with their exaggerated tennis swings. Walked down the road to the slug and lettuce (a pub/bar), enjoyed a few more strongbows and then wandered home..although some needed a taxi..not me,dan or amy we are good at stumbling in the dark.

Saturday night ended with one of the friends looking very green and sleeping in the corner, more wii, amy dribbling tomato sauce all donw her pj pants eating a hamburger at 1am, more wii and finally falling asleep on my lovely pink rug..again.

Sunday morning..well, there was no sunday morning, we rose at lunch time and went for lunch at the pub. I had a awesome sunday roast and then icecream, which isnt as good as mums spple crumble..but what is?

Yesterday..monday..we caught the bus into the centre of manchester and wandered around, there is a imperial war museum and a science museum, but we already did very similar museums in london so decided we were a little museumed out, so we saw a movie instead. We saw "the happening", quiet a strange film that one..and if i explain it, i know u will laugh and think were crazy, cz it was actually a little scary.....the plants turned on humans and realesed toxins in the air that made humans kill themselves..just think knitting needles, building sites and a lawn mower..it was scary. but as horror films go the ending was bad, actually really bad.

Last night we made stroganoff for dinner and then straberries and icecream, we couldnt get to wimbledon to have strawberries and cream at the tennis, so instead we had our straberries and watched people from elises balcony playing tennis at the courts behind their apartment block.the tennis players were hot..until they got close to the balcony..damn.

Today was a slightly lazy day, we booked everything for our ireland trip, and then went to the post office, bank and supermarket..boring stuff.

From there we had directions to the didsbury park so that we could actually play tennis..its kinda like when the aus open is on you feel like playing tennis, well wimbeldon is on so we felt like playing..anyway, we ended up at didsbury park but there were no tennis courts??? so we played over a fence instead. It didnt really work that well..worked well for dan and amy cz they were on the side with the smooth grass side and i had the lumpy side where the ball bounced any crazy way.

tonight were going to an indoor snowboarding and skiing dome!!hooray, dan is snowboarding because he can link turns, but me and amy are mongers so were enrolled in the introduction course..if i fall im going to aim for amy,she can catch me.

then tomorrow we fly from manchester to dublin,were in dublin till monday with amys grandad (fergals dad) then were planning on going up to belfast, then booked a tour of the giants causeway, carrick-a-rede bridge and derry, and then flying from belfast to edinburgh on wednesday..early, flight leaves at 8am, and its the shortest flight ever, only 50mins including takeoff and runway business, itl take longer to catch the bus to the airport. were going back to the euro again, just when we'd got use to pounds and pence..damn it.

home and away just came on the tv..but its old stuff. they get heaps of channels but most of the stuff thats not english is old, like gilmore girls..rory still looks like shes 16..and i know what happens to her thanks to becs obsession with watching every single gilmore girls episode on dvd..thanks missy.xo, i hope ur ankle gets better soon. xo

brenton and shannon, bassos and kelli and jackson-hope you all have an awesome holiday.tell me all about it when im stuck cleaning caravans.

love to all, and big hugs.

love jess xoxoo



Hi Jess you seem to be having a great time in Manchester what did you think of the town did you get much rain for it is wll known for rain anyway I expect you were having too good a time to notice enjoy your trip to Ireland have a good time before you start work make the most of it but I expect you will be able to get round a bit in Scotland make the most of it while you are there for I expect you will go south for the winter Is Amy working with you ? Our love to Amy Dan and lots to you have lots of fun in Ireland all our love to you Gma and Gpa xoxoxo plenty of hugs

  val and mick Jun 25, 2008 8:56 AM


Hi Jess and Dan, Hope your both well.Jess, your Dad sent me the link to your blog. You are having the best time and some great photos especially with Inge. The caravan park looks fantastic I think our could learn a lot from it. Thought I would drop you a quick line and I will keep up to date with your trip from here on. Hug to Dan and keep enjoying. Love Denise and Cookie xxx

  Denise Cook Jun 26, 2008 10:31 AM


hey guys...have just caught up on all your adventures!! sounds like work will be fun...not sure if it will be as fun as camp tho hahaha
omg the kids come tomorrow!!!!!!!
talk soon
love loz

  loz Jun 26, 2008 11:43 AM


Hi Jess & Dan

We are addicted to Tetris in our house at the moment. Sarah got up to 900 and something lines and was keen to see what happens and told Missy not to die and what did she do DIE! Glad to hear your having such an awesome time. Sounds like the time my neice had in Ireland lots of pubs and drinking! Enjoy!
Luv Sue xx

  SUE BATTEN Jun 26, 2008 2:42 PM

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