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THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF JESS & DAN back on the road again...

kutna hora...bones and all

CZECH REPUBLIC | Thursday, 8 May 2008 | Views [641] | Comments [6]

we were adventuresome last night and made the most of the kitchen in the hostel..we made chicken parmas and vegies, drank some good strong vodka..and beers-luke, i can drink half a litre of beer!!!yay, and its so much cheaper then spirits..just wait for my beer gut in the photos. anyway, hostel has a common room, so a pommy friend taught us how to play bullshit properley..we were just putting any cards down, and were wandering why the game went so fast, amy won and didnt tell any lies!till we played it properly by putting following cards on top!rules made amy lie.

Woke early to donuts and coffee again..ran to the toilet from the dorm, was so busting only to find the toilet was in use...aaarrrgh..me running down the hallway in pjs, hair everyhwere and bleary eyes.oh the joys of staying in a hostel with a communal bathroom.its great. the showers and toilets are really clean here so thats a plus.

Caught the one hour train to kutna hora, a small town east of prague.Its famous for the church that has been decorated with bones. Apparently 40,000 skeletons are contained within the church and the graveyard..and its not a big graveyard so most are in the church. Its not gruesome, actually kind of artistic. They are all strung together to make chandeliers and coats of arms and decorations on the walls, a little freaky but good to see. Kutna hora was originally a huge silver mine, the silver mined there made alot of the money for all of europe.We paid 70 in czech, around 3 euro ish..6 aus, and put on helmuts and coats and torches and went down the old mine. At the deepest it was 35 metres, with parts of the mine 120cm high and only 40cm wide..dan only just squeezed through..and in the process of sqeezing burped so loud it echoed through the whole mine..such a gentlemen...and then out of the 20 or so on the tour, i was fell over and slide down the stairs..so maybe we make a good couple.

The mine is longer in use, but you can still see alot of the shafts, and the guide gave heaps of info. Because its pitch black down there..we turned the torches of, and it feels like your eyes are trying to adjust bt nothing happens..and the miners would have only had small oil lamps they use to be able to smell where the pockets of silver are..apparently it smells like garlic? who knows.

Kutna Hora was nice, kinda similar to cesky krumlov..without the river and castle, just a small town with the weird tourists who like seeing a church covered in bones.

CAught the packed train back to prague. Cooked chicken, zuccini and carrot in tomatoes saucey stuff with rice and are planning an early night because tomorrow we have the 8 hour trip to krakow, poland.

have moved dorms from the 6 bed to the 11 bed because we added an extra day in prague..normally its ben more guys then girls..dan love it,lol, but tonight i think me and amy are the only girls...the room smells already and they better not all snore..meh, once gottas love hostels!

love to all

thanks for all your comments.gma, ask mum for all the brochures i ended up collecting for italy, im pretty sure there were a few in my collection.xo gpa, travelling is a little tiring at times, but we are having so much fun that i sometimes dont even realise how tired i am till i get into bed.ill rest later.

love jess xoxo



I mentioned Albert Hall when I last wrote G'pa thinks you might not know where it is ,its in London, su pposed to have one of the best acoustics in the world we ofcourse know it well, You must have got yourmoney's worth out of the Eurorail!!! Don't know Prague, in fact will not know any more of your tour so it will be even more interesting (if possible)You all seem to be enjoying yourselves,keep up good work!G'ma

  val and mick May 8, 2008 8:56 AM


Hey Guys - im so pumped for u guys - sounds like your having an absolute ball - (plus once again i will write the word jealous)

Guess what though - might be ocming to germany in october november - heard about a scholarhsip that i am eligible for...

OK - my tips for poland. Cheapest and bestest foods is Kebabs - they cost like 5 zloty (2.50 Aus) and are awesome. These are even better in Germany tho (called Döner).
Secondly - when going to Auschwitz bring plenty of water and if u can your own food. U walk heaps - esp if u want to take it all in! Also the food at the camp cafeteria is horrible and terribly expensive.
My final tip is hire a bike! Its cheap to do - and you can get all over town so easily - and this way Dan and Amy cant complain cos its so easy. For other sites u have to check out the jewish quarter, the castle at the south end of town on the hill (huge and great views) as well as visit the Propaganda bar - relive the days of the communist poland!
Im out - but keep having a blast - B!

  Brenton Millott May 8, 2008 12:01 PM


Yep, My son the pig......I am crying because I am laughing so much, because I can imagine you doing it...the burp....Daniel. I am surprise you got through those tunnels. Not me...I would be waiting for you ou the front. You are all very brave. Love your work guy's. Keep writing. Gee Jess I am hoping you never hurt your wrist or hand because these letters are great.
Love you.
Tina xx

  Tina & Darren May 8, 2008 12:17 PM


wow jess you had better not turn into me because you will come home with some bruises for sure!!! sounds like you're having an awesome time...can't wait to see some photos...hint hint lol
love you all, stay safe
lv loz xoxo

  Lauren May 8, 2008 4:06 PM


Hello Jessica, Daniel and Amy I have read your exciting trip and it sounds fantastic, I hope you are ok Jessica did you hurt yourself bad or just bruised and embaressed. David and I are now getting itchy feet we have decided to start saving and maybe in a couple or more years we rekon Greece and Italy. Your photo's look beautiful and what you have said about the scenery look's great. We havent done much except work 2 weeks ago it was absolutly freezing, but this week hasnt been 2 bad, mind you weve have had 2 but the wood fire on, and now we have washing all over the house which I hate. David, Trent and Joshua said to say hello, At work today all teacher's and Aide's had the opportunity to have the flu injection for free so Ive just had that done, it didnt hurt, only now when you put your arm up to reach for something that you can feel a bit of pain. On the weekend its Mother's day and we are all going out for lunch, so I'm hoping the food will be nice, so far they rekon the weather going to be nice. Are the drinks really cheap over there compared to here all our drinks have all gone up because of the binge drinker's they think that putting up drinks are going to cure the promblem, they have all gone up to about $6:00 for ruski's.Keep on enjoying yourselves and we love your Email's telling us about your adventure's. Take care, all our love and
best wishes love Aunty Lisa, Uncle David, Trent and Joshua xoxoxox

  Lisa Baring May 8, 2008 5:33 PM


Hi Jess & Co,
Yes it was the statue of the boy and the dog. I don't remember the other one. I was so there as you were talking about Prague especially since it has only been 9 months since I was there. So much to see and Jewish Quarter is very interesting. We stayed quite near the station as well BUT at the Marriot sorry to rub it in????? We have made a decision to go away in July for 3-4 weeks to US so it will give us somthing to plan for and may be give us a little direction. I am attemping to go back to work tomorrow??? not looking forward to it but I will think positive. Tim started back at AG Power monday and seems quite happy which is good as he had really hit the wall a few weeks ago. My hearts bleeds for him but he is coming good. Well i guess i have rambled on enough. keep having a ball and take care,
Love Brenda

  Brenda May 8, 2008 7:42 PM

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