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Sri Lanka revisited....

SRI LANKA | Tuesday, 8 January 2008 | Views [1075]

Mon 7th Jan - Back in Sri Lanka for a couple of days ahead of going to Thailand. Now at GMT+5.5 hours. Stopping back in Negombo again but at a different place, the 'Silver Sands' hotel. Good price and faciliies and location ok. Need to relax and get myself in gear ahead of hitting Bangkok, which I expect to be a full-on experience.

The mosquitos are out in full force...nets and repellants at the ready!

There Is continued troubles in Sri Lanka between the state and the LTTE Tamil group. Mainly in the north and east as usual, but there is heavy miliary presence on the streets in and around the capital and major news stories about the potential increase in the risk of all-out war as the head of the LTTE military inelligence wing (Shanmuganathan Ravishankar....aka Charles!), was killed yesterday. Many oher issues going on that point to a period of great insability. Fortunately, I am only here for a few days and staying away from those troubled areas.

There is a major muslim event going on over the next 10 days which has drawn large numbers of muslims around the world here to see their spiritual leader (Dr Yedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb), hence the major military presence at the airport when I arrived yesterday...and I thought it was for me...teehee.

And today's weather check in Sri Lanka.....31°C...Scorchio....Cold in the UK....Freezio!

On a separate note....Just read an interesting article in the paper about the Dalai Lama who I went to see (he was out unfortunately as he must have missed the fact I was in the area and wanted a cuppa tea with him)...The chinese government want the tibetan people to oppose his return to Tibet from where he has been exiled in northern India since 1959. They held a public vote recently and NO tibetans voted against him returning. The people were then asked to raise their hands if they did not possess weapons at home (illegal of course), so everyone put their hands up (no surprise). A photo was taken of them and sent to the state media, saying they were opposed to his return. Seems like a fair system?

The whole world is obsessed with the US elections. I'm not, so nothing more to say about it other than it's a great way to kick-start your acting career!

Anyway, on with the travel....life can be full of surprises. There I was sat with my feet up on the balcony reading the news paper and reception called me to take a telephone call. Interesting I thought, who can that be? Turned out to be a really nice guy who had seen my blog and knew I was in town for a few days, so called to invite me for dinner. These are travel's great opportunities that cannot be missed. A superb evening in the company of a couple of great guys with fantastic hospitality. Shame i'm not staying longer as would have liked to spend more time. Such is life. Within the space of a few days, I have had a couple of situations occur that made me want to stay longer, but booked flights mean I have to move on. This is the old law coming into play (i.e. If you want something to happen, it won't. If you don't want something to happen, it will). Thanks guys for a great evening.

The mosquitos had brought reinforcements tonight. Missiles at the ready...in for the counter attack! They have a great gadget you can buy here, like a portable insectocutor in the shape of a tennis racket. Frazzle the blighters whilst leaping around the room practicing your tennis swing. Could have done with one.

Mon 8th Jan -

Catching a flight to Bangkok tonight, so a day chillin.

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