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HONDURAS | Tuesday, 23 Jul 2013 | Views [7027] | Comments [1]

So I'm on a ferry now (known as the vomit comet), leaving the paradise of Utila early for a 40 hour marathon of ferries, taxis, 4 aeroplanes, and a two hour car ride to get home to my family in preparation for my grandfather's funeral. I didn't know ... Read more >

Tags: baleada, beaches, diving, dogs, gutter crabs, jumping, party, skid row, skinny-dipping, utila

Breaking World Records. No biggie.

HONDURAS | Thursday, 27 Jun 2013 | Views [566]

The day started as any other, a loud annoying beep signalling time to get up,  begrudgingly climbing out of bed, still groggy from an already forgotten dream. And then you remember the reason for your alarm... This morning you're off to break a ... Read more >

Tags: scuba, underwater pyramid, world record

Entering the underwater world of Utila!!!

HONDURAS | Wednesday, 26 Jun 2013 | Views [879]

CRIB NOTES!!   After Xela I had a few days of travelling with a stop of in Copan to visit the most famous ruins in Honduras, before making my way to Utila.   Having arrived in Utila I started the Advanced Open Water PADI course ... Read more >

Tags: padi, scuba diving, utila, utila dive festival, world record

More Adventures in Xela....

GUATEMALA | Monday, 27 May 2013 | Views [838]

So I’ve now ended up stranded in yet another town for much longer than planned, I’ve been in Xela for pretty well a month now, learning spanish, suffering from a horrid cold from the dramatically changing weather and with a mildly sprained ... Read more >

Tags: hot springs, salsa, school, spanish, xela

Xelaju Super Chivos!!!

GUATEMALA | Tuesday, 14 May 2013 | Views [915]

XELAWHO - SUPER CHIVOS!!!   AKA - post about a futbol juego (soccer game)   So those of you who know me would probably know I’m not exactly the biggest of sporting fans. Not really one to go to the football every ... Read more >

Quetzaltenango, the crazy city in the hills!

GUATEMALA | Monday, 13 May 2013 | Views [1972]

CRIB NOTES!   San Marcos was hippyville - think yoga, meditation, drugs, dreads and ´spiritual enlightenment´. Next stop Quetzaltenango (Xela), a big town in the mountains. Volcano climb to watch another volcano ... Read more >

Tulum to San Pedro and all in between...

GUATEMALA | Tuesday, 30 Apr 2013 | Views [1254]

CRIB NOTE VERSION I stayed in Tulum longer, it was fun, relaxing and great people. Next Bacalar. A reasonably dull lake. Yay. Accidentally got stuck in Belize City (Uber dangerous place) for the night. Whoops. Met a very interesting Belizian ... Read more >

The Tulum Quicksand

MEXICO | Saturday, 13 Apr 2013 | Views [990]

Tulum   Crib note version: Stayed longer than intended, went diving, got my PADI licence and met some amazing people from all over the world...   So Tulum has ended up as yet another surprise on this crazy trip. Having been ... Read more >

Oaxaca, San Cristobal, Palenque to Tulum

MEXICO | Sunday, 7 Apr 2013 | Views [5600]

I wrote too much again so here is the crib note version   I went to Oaxaca, had a great birthday, studied Spanish and got Montezuma´s revenge. Then San Cristobal where I visited a crazy church, rode a speedboat through canyons and ... Read more >

Catching Sun at Teotihuacan Pyramids

MEXICO | Saturday, 23 Mar 2013 | Views [783]

Day 2 in Mexico city started rather late as my new found friend Tom who I was supposed to be venturing to the Teotihuacan Pyramids with went missing. Well we thought he might have anyway. He didn’t show for breakfast and when he hadn't turned ... Read more >

Tags: getting lost, guitar, mango, markets, pyramid, pyramid of the sun, teotihuacan

Adios Australia - Ola Mexico City!!!

MEXICO | Friday, 22 Mar 2013 | Views [765]

My last day in Australia was reasonably uneventful but busy, after another night of basically zero sleep. I quickly got ready, did all the final packing and cleaning, got my final coffee from my favourite cafe and somehow was ready kinda early. Weird.... Read more >

Tags: airplane, anthropology, antopologia, mexico city, museum, tired

Before it Begins - Packing in a Cyclone of Thoughts

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 17 Mar 2013 | Views [761]

I can't sleep. Not so odd for me, but for a change, tonight's insomnia has a genuine reason. Right now I only have two more nights in my comfy bed, in the flat I have lived in for over 4 years, before I run off overseas for a crazy adventure in many ... Read more >

Tags: adventure, central america, exciting, last minute, mexico, packing, solo travel

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