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Losing Our Way Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing. --------------------------------------------------------- Arundhati Roy (Indian author, advocate, activist)

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seahawks - caw!caw!

seahawks - caw!caw!

her: God-seeking, people-seeking, 32 year-old coptic-american psychologist and traveler.  happiest when with others who are also crazy. also when hearing stories of, speaking of, thinking of, learning of, or writing of spiritual transformation and relationships. sometimes an employee, sometimes a volunteer, sometimes in meditative prayer, sometimes at a seahawks game.....

him: God-wrestling, people-admiring, 38-year-old Jewish-Buddhist stepping away from almost ten years as a juvenile forensic psychologist. Happiest when with contemplative types who yearn to better themsleves, their fellow sentient beings, and their universe, regardless of the specific belief-system driving that. Sometimes at the gym, sometimes hiking, sometimes writing, sometimes resting with cats, sometimes admiring ferries on Puget Sound. And always starting sentences with capital letters.  

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About ivan_miral

seahawks - caw!caw!

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