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Nepal Life Journey

5th September 2009

NEPAL | Saturday, 5 Sep 2009 | Views [287]

Wow, 12 days and no post - sorry guys!! What can i say? Although i get up at 6.30am and don't have work until 9.30am, and i finish work at 4pm, i still do not find the time to write these posts. I'm enjoying it too too much! Me and Annie (one of ... Read more >

24th August 2009

NEPAL | Monday, 24 Aug 2009 | Views [751] | Comments [3]

So its 10:15am and i'm sat in the internet cafe (which i must say is a steal at 10p an hour!) Sorry i don't update often, i am so busy adapting to this life that i rarely go on the net for longer than 20 minutes! Anyway back to my story, So we celebrated ... Read more >

15th August 2009 - Internet yay!!

NEPAL | Saturday, 15 Aug 2009 | Views [518] | Comments [2]

Apologies for the lack of update, the internet is scarce and power cuts are a way of life so it has been difficult to keep you informed! We arrived at the airport where our leaders Barat and Bal Krishna greeted us, they gave us each silk scarves and ... Read more >

6th August 2009

NEPAL | Thursday, 6 Aug 2009 | Views [454] | Comments [4]

So it's 9.45am and i've just pulled my platform 2 t-shirt over my head. I was expecting this to all become 'real' with the platform2 logo firmly emblazened on my chest but it's still just as surreal. People keep asking me if i'm mega excited or nervous ... Read more >

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