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Have Blood. Will Travel Plans. They're more..... guidelines, really.

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do it.
screw the 9-to-5. go back to uni. don't get a real job. don't cut your hair (unless you cut it all). don't look for security. don't be safe, be kind. don't settle down, set up, be unsettled and enjoy it. don't follow trends, start them. don't be cool, it's boring, lame and lacks inspiration. be a dork. learn to enjoy your own company. catch a fly then let it go again. drink tap water. eat a pizza with ridiculous amounts of cheese on it. eat fruit because it tastes good, not because it’s healthy. smile at a baby. give the first person you see at work a hug. a big bear hug. listen to music, don't just hear it. get your groove on. get funked up. love it. all of it.

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