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Jo and Hayley's SEA journal From Vietnam to Bali, our most extensive South East Asia trip yet!

Last day

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 20 Feb 2012 | Views [350]

Hi! We are currently in Ubud, and heading home tonight. Hayley is at the day spa, and I'm wandering about. We had a nice stay in Sanur, and then our friend, Ketut, picked us up and drove us to Ubud. Our accommodation was not that nice and smelled strongly ... Read more >

Hanging out in Bali

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 10 Feb 2012 | Views [435] | Comments [1]

Hi everyone! Sorry for the very late update, computer access has been sporadic! We have done a lot since my last report. Two days in Disneyland.....Hayley thought was awesome! Must admit, enjoyed it myself! We also went to Macau for three days, lashed ... Read more >


AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 29 Jan 2012 | Views [460] | Comments [3]

We have been very busy here, but the weather has been against us, unseasonally cool and foggy. Visited The Peak, which has spectacular views and gardens....but due to the fog unable to see much.... We have been eating well, though not much chinese, did ... Read more >


AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 24 Jan 2012 | Views [545] | Comments [2]

We took the ferry from Shekou port to Hongkong, took about an hour, easy and not crowded. Taxi to our new hotel, the T-Hotel, Pokfulam. Exceptionally nice hotel, well appointed room with views over the South China sea. A little out of town, but easy enough ... Read more >

Still in Shenzen

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 16 Jan 2012 | Views [300] | Comments [2]

We have extended our stay in Shenzen and will depart for Hong Kong on Sunday. We have found quite a few things to do in the area, and an Irish pub that has good food and Cider for Hayley! I don't think I will ever eat fast-food again, so it's been great ... Read more >


AUSTRALIA | Monday, 16 Jan 2012 | Views [264] | Comments [1]

After searching on the net found some touristy things to do, and decided it was time to master the metro. I found an Irish pub in a place called Coco Park, so we decided to taxi there and have a few drinks and maybe a meal. Was closed for a staff function ... Read more >

Guangzhou to Shenzen

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 16 Jan 2012 | Views [312] | Comments [1]

After leaving Yangshuo we headed to Guangzhuo by bus, about 7hrs and arrived at our new hotel, which was rather unpleasant. The area around the hotel was basically comprised of highrise shopping malls, so we spent many hours wandering. We hardly brought ... Read more >

Mmm Bamboo rafting....!

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 9 Jan 2012 | Views [384] | Comments [2]

Yesterday we decided to do a tour and chose two activities, the first, in the morning was Bamboo rafting down the river and then a tour of The Silver cave. Was quite chilly when we woke, so after a substantial breakfast we heated up our hot water bottles ... Read more >


AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 7 Jan 2012 | Views [243] | Comments [1]

Hi! We have moved to a hotel in the town, splashed out on a bit of luxury and really enjoying it. Staying at the Bamboo house Resort which is a small boutique hotel in a great location. The room is really clean and warm, with a massive jacuzzi and heated ... Read more >

Shanghai to Guilin to Yangshuo

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 4 Jan 2012 | Views [388] | Comments [1]

Well New Year's Eve in Shanghai was different, a dearth of pubs did'nt help. We brought some little bottles of Vodka and laced our fruit juice with it, and headed to the Bund area near our hotel. This has a long walk along the river with the spectacular ... Read more >


AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 1 Jan 2012 | Views [249] | Comments [1]

Sorry for late post of story. Internet here is very expensive $4.50 for 10 minutes! We are leaving Shanghai tomorrow for Guilin, hopefully things will be cheaper. Shanghai has been fabulous, although expensive. Some things are cheap, like street food, ... Read more >

Getting to Shanghai.....

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 29 Dec 2011 | Views [246] | Comments [1]

Hi! Getting to Shanghai was a major adventure. Our flight from Hue to Hanoi was cancelled at the last minute due to bad weather, which meant we missed our connecting flight to Shanghai. We decided to sleep at the airport, as only 5 hrs to next flight.... Read more >

Departing Hue

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 27 Dec 2011 | Views [277] | Comments [2]

Hi! Today is our last day in Hue, we have managed to stuff and closed our backpacks and will hang around until our flight to Hanoi then on to Shanghai, will arrive 4.30 am. Yesterday was spent with our friends, had coffee in a lovely coffee house by the ... Read more >


AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 25 Dec 2011 | Views [275] | Comments [1]

Yesterday was spent at the Big C supermarket buying some small gifts for our friends, and some snacks for ourselves. The evening was the Christmas Eve Gala dinner, a large buffet was provided with an interesting array of food, shellfish, fish, coldcuts, ... Read more >


AUSTRALIA | Friday, 23 Dec 2011 | Views [311] | Comments [2]

After a final fairwell lunch, hugs and tears, we left Hoi An in a hire car and headed for Hue. The weather changed markedly as we headed North, very grey, misty and drizzly. Time to get the cool weather clothing out! We arrived at our hotel, The Riverside ... Read more >

Last day Hoi An

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 22 Dec 2011 | Views [322] | Comments [2]

Our last day in Hoi An, the time has gone so quickly. Tomorrow we head to Hue by car, about a three hour drive. Today was lovely, coffee in the morning at Suong's shop and then some last minute shopping. We have sent some Vietnamese coffee and bits and ... Read more >

We survived a Vietnamese wedding

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 19 Dec 2011 | Views [969] | Comments [1]

Today we are exhausted! A vietnamese wedding takes two days! The first day Nathan, Sharon, myself and Hayley started early at Trinh's father's house. The house was full of relatives and much commotion. We were cooked breakfast, eggs and home made tomato ... Read more >

Wow! Traditional wedding

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 16 Dec 2011 | Views [302] | Comments [2]

Well we are not spending much time at our hotel, which is probably a good thing....the mattress is like concrete and I'm pretty sure I have become food for bedbugs, they seem to find me tasty, but not Hayley so much. The wedding preparations are in full ... Read more >

Hoi An

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 14 Dec 2011 | Views [486] | Comments [3]

We enjoyed our short stay in Saigon, forgot just how crazy the traffic is there! Its hard to remember to walk casually across the road with a thousand motorbikes, cars, trucks and buses coming at you from all directions. The bikes move around you, but ... Read more >

Arrival Ho Chi Min

VIETNAM | Monday, 12 Dec 2011 | Views [514] | Comments [2]

Our day started at 3.30am, bleary eyed but ready to go, Hayley not happy, has woken with a sore throat, which worsened as the day progressed. Have hit her with some antibiotics, replenished our supplies this morning in Ho Chi Min. Ian took us to the ... Read more >

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