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See Ya Vietnam...OR "Photo You Buy!"

VIETNAM | Monday, 12 October 2009 | Views [884] | Comments [3]

In one of the easiest decisions we've ever made, we have decided to change our flight plans and head out to Laos a couple of days early. I don't mean to be too hard on poor Hanoi, but it just really isn't our scene. Ha Long Bay was pretty cool however we probably spent as much time examining the different types of travelers as we did the dramatic scenery. Backpackers are an interesting breed to say the least. A breed that we feel we are a part of, yet equally just as separate from. Is it necessary to barter that extra 5,000 dong? Perhaps? But...thats not our style. So we will do it our way. A motto we have picked up from this short, yet well needed stay in the 'Nam.

The highlights I think will have to be:

1. The water puppet show - sloppy, poorly staged but featuring a hilarious puppet of a pig-tailed man in a thong loincloth and aladdin vest. Other events during the show: having a Japanese man fall asleep on you, and a cute couple from America not realize that Emma does in fact speak English and make fun of her short legs (sorry dude, they really are quite little, but God, those guys did have some nerve talking about them in front of you!)
2. Hiking both up and down a mountain - I have never been so sweaty or proud of myself.
3. Drinking to the sweet sweet tunes of Jason Mraz with some chill guys from New Zealand on a "junk boat" in the middle of Ha Long Bay at night.
4. Observing the crusty bar tender on the boat get drunk by himself and sing karaoke by himself
5. Kayaking (and being freaking awesome at it... just saying) and trying to avoid being run over by tourist boats.
6. Being a stone in a stream of cyclos, cars and hagglers
7. Eating Celine Dion pho as opposed to Madonna pho?? ... still trying to understand what that tour guide was talking about
8. Learning to give the death stare to anyone trying to pester us to buy pineapples, books, lighters and everything under the sun (but not giving the death stare to the militia who will literally pull over and yell at you... don't ask)
9. Fisher price stools. EVERYWHERE. They're so quaint... until you have to sit there.
10. Exhibiting all the grace and elegance cultivated by years of figure skating training and falling in the middle of the street, no doubt catching all sorts of disease and infection... no big deal, a home amputation may be required? :S
11. Realizing that a sidewalk is just a term. Cyclos are allowed on there too. Oh and stores too. They can drive ANYWHERE.
12. Watching the Incredibles in a "three star" hotel on Cat Ba Island. Note that the three stars is a very generous evaluation. There were ants everywhereeeeeeeeeee.

Goodbye Vietnam... it's been an "experience".

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Sounds like you made the most of the opportunity. The highlight would have to be the american couple. Emma, you should have just started to speak to them. I'm just saying.
Anyways have fun in Laos
Salut Vietnam

  Bobby Oct 14, 2009 1:11 AM


Emma, did you get the American couple's name. Maybe you could ask Soprano-San for a favour!!!! He could demand a pinky finger or go all New Jersey on them and use a Louisville slugger.

  Peter Parkinson Oct 15, 2009 4:58 AM


haha, love the figure skating comment!! I'm sure Mac FSC would have been very proud of your graceful fall :)

PS. our synchro music is from the soundtrack of Evita!

  Heather Rosdobutko Oct 23, 2009 1:30 PM

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