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Taman Negara

MALAYSIA | Tuesday, 17 March 2009 | Views [612] | Comments [3]

After a bittersweet goodbye to the Perhentian Islands we hopped on boat and headed for the mainland. Our good moods were soon changed when a German lady tried to steal our good seats on the bus which we had reserved. Of course Kiddi was not having any of it and got into a huge argument with her and chewed her head off! You don't mess with the Queen, bitch!

The bus ride was a pleasant 8 hour trip, kind of. So we arrive in Taman Negara. A gigantic rain forest in the middle of Malaysia. Truly magnificent! Hopping from one gross hotel to the other our spirits were high, the standard of the hotels were not. We hokey pokey'd our way to the last hotel. And what do you know, perfect fit!

Day after we took a scenic boat ride through the forest. See the pictures, very pretty! And of course being a rain forest it rains quite a lot here in the afternoon. Enginn er verri tho hann vokni is our motto for this place. Later that day we went on a night safari. It was super spooky driving through the forest in the dark. We saw a few animals, leopard cat, wild bore, birds and some creepy bugs. We had a blast!

Today we went on a trek again in the jungle, this time we did a canopy walk. Now that was fun.... and scary. Walking through the trees at that height!? WOW is the word!! Gunna almost shit herself with fear and Kiddi walked as if he'd done this million times. Hehe ok not quite. We were both pretty shaken...

The food in Malaysia has been very disappointing. We went to the “nicest of the worst” restaurant in Taman Negara for dinner this evening. Most of the restaurants are located on the river so it feels like being at sea. We waited for our food for an hour and a half and when we finished we had to take a boat to land as the water levels had increased so much! We actually thought for a while we would float down the river. Now that would have been a great story to tell?

Needless to say, we MISS proper food! Good brown bread, cheese, cereal. Just anything not containing rice or noodles. We sit and dream about all the food we miss. If you are reading this please send us rugbrod med ost! Pleeeeaaasssee!

Pictures coming soon ;-)



Gaman að lesa þetta. Rúgbrauðið og osturinn á leiðinni eða þannig.

  mamma Mar 17, 2009 9:00 AM


Já úff hvað maturinn verður fljótt þreytandi!!
Love and kisses :)

  María Mar 19, 2009 1:03 AM


Halló bæði tvö!
Loksins, loksins komst ég í tæri við ykkur, var búin að reyna að komast á þessa síðu en gekk ekkert, dásamlegt að hafa fundið ykkur.
Þvílík ævintýrareisa!
Kemur mér á óvart að ekki skuli vera góður matur þarna.
Það fer í verra Gunna mín ef þú horfellur að ég tali nú ekki um hann Kidda.
Nú ætla ég kæra frændfólk að dunda mér við að lesa gamla bloggið úr allri ferðinni, sem verður örugglega hin besta skemmtun.
Vona að þið skemmtið ykkur og passið hvort annað;);)
Kveðjur Hrönn frænka.

  Hrönn Hallsdóttir Mar 20, 2009 4:56 AM



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