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Update: Bored at work

CAMBODIA | Tuesday, 3 March 2009 | Views [905]

I haven't done much blogging since I have been in Korea. There are a few reasons for this. One reason is I came here to work and save money, and blogs about working just aren't that interesting.
Another reason is that I don't have the internet at my house and I won't be getting it. Yesterday I informed my school that I would be going back to America at the end of the month and there is no reason for me to pay the set up fee's just to use the Internet at home for a month. Also there is a huge amount of downtime at my work and I spend way to much time online as it is anyways (btw-if anybody has any good website recommendations please let me know).
There were a couple of times when I was genuinely motivated to write a blog, and those blogs are now sitting at home on my laptop). I told myself I would put them on my thumb drive and post them from work but I kept forgetting and after a week the blogs seems too outdated to post. However I did post one, the DMZ blog was written almost a month before I posted it.
I have two others at home that I have thought about posting but I am not sure If I will. The first one was blog I wrote about a quick trip I took back Japan at the end of January. I spent the majority of the time in my old town Kofu. It was great to  see my old friends, skate my old park and eat lots of good Japanese food. It was also kind of weird being back in a way. A lot of things were exactly the same and other things were completely different. I have done a lot since I left Japan, and it felt like I was a different person in some ways.
The weather was really good when I was there, I think Fuji was visible every day. It made me think a lot about the history of Japan, all the generations that have stared at that perfectly symmetrical mountain. How much life has changed since the days when Hokusai paid tribute to Fuji San with his prints. Back then they had no idea what was to come; Sony, Toyota, the A-Bomb and a vending machine on every street corner. Who knows how much the life on the island nation will change until someday the volcano becomes active and the symmetry is lost. It was a good trip, but it made for kind of a boring blog.
The second blog was pretty good, and I think I will post it. I wrote it the day I finally moved into my apartment, over a month after coming to South Korea. It was a long month and by the time I finally got settled I was at my wits end and it a pretty good state of mind to be writing. I won't say too much about it this will be a preview for that one, I will post it.
So what else do I have to say? It has been about a month since I moved into my apartment and have been settled. Working Monday-Friday 9-6. The job I got isn't the best, and I won't miss it in one month when I leave. But I work with some great people and I will definitely miss them and the laid back atmosphere in the office. I work at an English Village. It's a school but all the classrooms are themed. One classroom that looks like a post office another looks like a grocery store, ect. The students who I teach are really young, lots of kindergartens students. They usually come to the English Village as part of a field trip from their school. So they don't study English much and I will only teach them about once a month. It isn't a very fulfilling job and I am not able to apply a lot of the stuff I learned from my TEFL class.There are a lot of crafts, glorified babysitting. The schedule here is different everyday. Last week we were slammed teaching over 7 hours a day. Today I only have 2 hours of class. Unfortunately I still have to stay in the office for the other 6 working hours of the day. I finished my lesson plan, got bored with the Internet and figured I might well update my blog. Even if I have nothing to say.



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