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Random Thoughts

CAMBODIA | Saturday, 12 July 2008 | Views [930]

Here are a few random things that have been going on lately, none of which deserved their own blog.

“I’ve got a rash man”

I have been battling Prickly Heat Rash since I got here. At first I thought it was an allergic reaction to my laundry detergent, but after a little research I’m pretty sure it is PHR. It is caused from sweating a lot in tropical humid environments, I guess it pretty common, but is really annoying and it burns like hell. My whole body was covered in red spots that itched like crazy. I only get it when I exercise a lot. After my long bike ride to Uodong I broke out really bad. Since then I have been taking a break from exercising and it has gone away. I just started running again but I’m trying to take it easy. Hopefully it I go slow I can build up a tolerance.

“Momma I’m Coming Home”

Shortly after I confirmed to volunteer with CWF my sister informed me that she was getting married right in the middle of my volunteer commitment. I was pretty bummed and was unsure if I would be able to go to the wedding. Up until a few weeks ago I didn’t think I would be able to go to the wedding. It wasn’t until Amy flew back to Australia for her Grandmothers funeral and told me how glad she was that she went that I decided I had to go. I realized the other volunteers could cover my classes and it wouldn’t be too big of a deal, we also have a holiday weekend so I will miss one less day of class. Finding a ticket for a decent price took a while, but now it’s all booked, and two weeks from today I will be in the US. When I left I didn’t think I would be coming back so soon. Now just thinking about it I am really excited about going to the wedding and seeing my family, not to mention eating some familiar food. Being the opportunist that I am I will also load up on some supplies while I am there. Another added bonus is I have 2 long layovers at LAX and it looks like I will be able to meet up with friends on both of them.

The travel will be pretty brutal. My sister is getting married in Pittsburgh which is pretty much exactly halfway around the world. I will be flying for about 60 hours round trip and I will only be in Pittsburgh for about 48 hours. I’m sure I will be a mess when I get back but I will be glad I went.

“The Election”

Every 5 years Cambodia has an election and the next one will be in two weeks (the weekend I am in Pittsburgh). Cambodian politics are a lot different than American politics. The past couple of Cambodian elections have been pretty violent. The worst example of this was in the 90’s when a grenade was thrown into a group of the oppositions supporters. But Cambodia is much more stable now and so far the build up to the elections have been very peaceful. Campaign season has kicked off which is basically motorcades of a parties supporters ridding in cattle trucks blasting music and propaganda.

“Mid Semester Break”

After today the CWF semester will be exactly halfway over. Next week we have a week off from classes. Most of the volunteers are going to Siem Reap to check out Angkor Wat. I have been there 3 times so I am going to back down to the beach. I have also been to Sihanoukville 3 times as well but you can never spend too much time on a beautiful beach. On Monday I will take a bus to Sihanoukville with about 5 members of the CWF staff. I will stay there till Wednesday and then check out Kampot and Kep another coastal town not too far away that I have heard really good things about.

“Quiz Night”

Last night me and some of the other volunteer went down to the Lazy Gecko (a back packer pub on the lake) for their weekly quiz night. It was our first time there and we owned it. We were in a 3 way tie for first and there was a sudden death question, I was chosen to represent out team the Sugar Puffs. The question was way too easy “In the Rambo movies what it Rambo’s first name?” I screamed out “John” and we quickly won 50 dollars. The pot paid for all out our drinks and food and even out tuk-tuk ride home. The tuk-tuk driver was such an asshole. He kept demanding more money from us even though we gave him plenty. He followed us to our house and once we looked the gate he shouted obscenities at us. That really made me want to give him more money, maybe next time.

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