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Second Honeymoon

Day12 Driving to Oakhurst (Yosemite National Park)

USA | Thursday, 3 Sep 2009 | Views [184]

We had a very early start, left the Grand canyon at 5am. After a stop back at the Car Hire place to swap cars (first one had busted fuel gauge) we hit the road again around 11am. Vegas is about 4 1/2hr drive from the Grand Canyon. We decided to go through ... Read more >

Day 11 Driving to the Grand Canyon

USA | Thursday, 3 Sep 2009 | Views [131]

What a day! The Grand Canyon is awesome! Everyone should see it at least once. Don't have to raft down it like we did, but just see it..it's mind blowing. Yeah I know, pretty big talk for a hole in the ground, but it is impressive. We even managed ... Read more >

Day 10 Our Last Day in Vegas

USA | Thursday, 3 Sep 2009 | Views [133]

Today started off like any other day, complimentary breakfast at the hotel and then off down to the strip for knick knacks and final photo oppurtunities. We planned to go to the Stratosphere to ride the thrill rides, but the weather was crap and was ... Read more >

Day 9 In Vegas, Nothing Day

USA | Thursday, 3 Sep 2009 | Views [148]

That's right, it's Saturday, it's bloody hot and today we have decided to do nothing, just sit by the pool and take it easy. So that's pretty much all we did..we didn't even go down to the strip, actually we we didn't even leave the hotel..it was a great ... Read more >

Day 8 Touring the Strip

USA | Sunday, 23 Aug 2009 | Views [188] | Comments [1]

Our day started a bit later than normal with our big day rafting taking it's toll on us. We wandered down to the Paris Casino for a higly recommended breakfast. The buffet line was huge so we opted for a more traditional cafe. Which costs about the ... Read more >

Day 7 White Water Rafting Down the Colorado

USA | Sunday, 23 Aug 2009 | Views [190]

Bloody early start today, picked up from the hotel at 4:50am on the dot! We were last to be picked up by the tour and joined 6 others for our big adventure. On the bus were a family of 3 from Liverpool UK, 2 Brothers from the US a single Italian girl ... Read more >

Day 6 Second Day in Vegas

USA | Sunday, 23 Aug 2009 | Views [162]

Well, where to start with Day 2 in Vegas?..  Last night we were suckered into cheap show tickets to see Criss Angel, the Mind Freak Magician. If you don't know who he his, check him our on youtube.com. Some really incredible stunts, his most popular ... Read more >

Day 5 First Day in Vegas

USA | Sunday, 23 Aug 2009 | Views [139]

Our first real day in Vegas started with dropping the Hire Car back, what an experience that was. The phone number I was given was a fax and funnily enough, so was the fax number I was given. What originally was going to be a 15min job, turned into well ... Read more >

Day 4 The Drive to Vegas

USA | Sunday, 23 Aug 2009 | Views [160]

After being dropped off at the car rental place by our same friendly limo driver, we picked up our hire car. A bright red Dodge Charger! For me it was slightly nerve racking to be sat and driving on the opposite of what I am used to. Simona however felt ... Read more >

Day 3 Still in Hollywood

USA | Thursday, 20 Aug 2009 | Views [180]

Well our 3rd day in the USA started late as usual, the beds are extremely comfortable here. First thing was shopping for some breakfast, bloody self serve checkouts, I will never get the hang of them.  The rest of the day was relaxing by the pool with ... Read more >

Day 2 Sight Seeing in Hollywood

USA | Sunday, 16 Aug 2009 | Views [172]

Day 2 After eventually waking up too late for breakfast and with the sun and almost clears skies of LA above us, we wandered down to Hollywood Boulevard just after lunch. (2mins or 1 Block away in Yankee Speak).  The Premiere of some kids movie called ... Read more >

Day 1 Getting to the States

USA | Sunday, 16 Aug 2009 | Views [201] | Comments [1]

G'day G'day, Well we finally got here and all is well. We missed the train from Broadmeadow by 3mins (I was chatting in the office whilst Simona was buying tickets, my fault completely with that one). Anyway, caught the next train and was in Sydney in ... Read more >

Getting Ready and Counting Down

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 9 Aug 2009 | Views [181] | Comments [4]

G'day Everyone, We have decided to take a leaf out of Steve Lehane's  book and compile a travel journal for our trip away as well. This being the first day of setting up the site and packing etc. We are all excited about the trip, just a bugger that ... Read more >

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