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What Was I Thinking?!? Whilst in a foreign country, it is recommended to try new foods, learn the language, and alienate as many locals as possible.


CHINA | Friday, 2 October 2009 | Views [711] | Comments [1]

Okay. I'll be upfront. I'm really effin hungover. Like super bad. It sucks. But there's a story behind it. Well, kind of. Basically, it's boring as nuts here.

It's National Holiday. WOO! No more teaching! But that also means all of the students leave to go home and see their families. Aw how nice. Except we Americans are stuck here with no one to see and nothing to do (until we get to go see Josh YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). So yesterday, I got pissed off at being bored and said, "You know what sounds like an interesting idea? Playing Brandy Pong at two in the afternoon. I've never done that before." For those of you who are unfamiliar with Brandy Pong, basically all you do is switch the beer in Beer Pong with brandy and orange Fanta. I was drunk before three thirty. I managed to stay up until seven or eight last night, passed out, and woke up at midnight wishing death upon myself. Some crazy shit ensued though.

We have a bar on the roof of the hotel that you can use at will. You BYOB and then have fun. So after beer pong, we went outside on to the unenclosed portion of the roof. It has a metal bar railing surrounding it. The major problem: most of the bars are super rusty. I accidentally broke one off. We have pictures. Then we chucked it off the roof. After that we had dinner in the cafeteria. It was spicy chicken. At least I assumed it was spicy. There were pepper-looking things in the mix. I'm pretty sure everyone else there knew we were toasted. Especially since we never finish all of the food they serve us, but this time it was demolished. It was decided after that that we all wanted to get food from some of the carts that normally line the sides of the streets. Chicken hearts are my favorite. So we headed out and ran into the students that Sarah had made plans with and then canceled because of my drunk ass. They had brought her home-made dumplings. They let me have some. They were delicious. BEST JIAOZIs (pinyin for dumpling) EVER. So we headed off to get the street food and realized that, because all of the effin students left, so did the vendors. LAME. So then we went to the beach for a bit and then back to the hotel where we tried watching Starsky and Hutch. I realized it was time to go to bed when I noticed how often I was nodding off during the movie.

Fast forward to midnight: It was either the spicy chicken or the acidic brandy that got to me first. After twenty minutes of worshiping porcelain, I managed to pass out back in bed where I woke up at seven thirty to some Chinese fuckers yelling at the top of their lungs for no reason and Marisa trying to wake me up for breakfast. I promptly but politely told Marisa to 'fuck off' and tried to go back to sleep. Enter the rooster. FUCKING ROOSTER. I will find it and kill it before I leave. You mark my words. So now I really just want to go to Taco Bell and get that burrito Dad always recommends for hangovers, but I'm pretty sure Taco Bell hasn't migrated over here yet. BLURGH.

I'll try to get the roof pictures up soon. In other news, I'll be leaving for Qingdao soon. I don't know how much internet access I'll have available to me, but I'll post as soon as I can.

Oh, and Dad, if you're reading this, the random withdrawals of $147 is for tuition. :) I know you worry about me financially and I know I've not been too up on that in the past, but I assure you, I'm doing okay.

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just to be clear, it's a classic burrito supreme...not that double-beef abomination. in case you find the taco bell...in china...never mind.

  dad Oct 20, 2009 1:42 AM

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