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What Was I Thinking?!? Whilst in a foreign country, it is recommended to try new foods, learn the language, and alienate as many locals as possible.

I'm A Retard

CHINA | Tuesday, 8 September 2009 | Views [683] | Comments [3]

UGH. I sometimes feel like I'm the biggest idiot in the whole wide world. I know it takes a while to learn a new language, but I feel like I was so much better at German and Arabic. There have been times recently where I just felt like quitting. And then I realized that I was about 5.3 fillion miles from home and that I was surrounded by Chinese people, thus making it fairly impossible to quit. My Chinese is awful. I wish I could just remember shit we learn in class. I'll get there one day... maybe.

Speaking of class, I taught my first class yesterday. It wasn't too awful. I didn't plan enough which was stupid, so I ended up letting them go early. But I gave out homework and one of my students sent me a text message. How nice of them. Oh yeah. I have a Chinese cell phone. This nice girl named Candy helped me out. She was this Chinese girl who started talking to us randomly on the street. But my student who texted me's name is Devil. He's embarrassed that he texted me so he made me promise not to tell his class. I'm willingly obliging him simply because I was pleased as punch that he would actually text me. I can also understand him feeling a little uncomfortable about texting me as I'm an American teacher and his classmates are maybe 'too cool' to talk to me. Whatever. I'm still happy.

I also made a really awesome new friend yesterday. Her name is Victoria. She's really super nice and we talked for a while. I also got to talk to a guy named Endless. He was super cool. They both spoke really good English, but Victoria needs a bit of grammar help. Luckily, she grabbed the one writing tutor in our group of five so I told her that if she helped me with Chinese, I would help her with writing and grammar. Also, Mr. Wang told me last night that he told this girl, Angel, to come see me about talking in English and practicing Chinese. He told the rest of the gang that it was an opportunity for everyone, but then he looked at me and said, "I told her to come on Thursday because I know you don't have anything." I can't tell if my Chinese is just super awful or if he thinks I'm good with English.

Whatever. Breakfast time!

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Hey kiddo. Glad you are well. I put some money in your account for "books". I'm really proud of you. Work hard and have fun!!

  Mom Sep 9, 2009 9:55 AM


Yeah...they all are so cool!!! Yay for making friends with awesome girls and really shuai boys.

  avoidthenastyones Sep 11, 2009 11:23 AM


p.s. i think i have experienced the "biggest idiot in the whole wide world" feeling, also.

i have also wanted to give up a few times, and (yet again) was reminded that i am actually in China. We're not in Chinese class anymore.

  avoidthenastyones Sep 11, 2009 2:52 PM

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