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koh phagan and krabi

THAILAND | Monday, 27 October 2008 | Views [854] | Comments [1]

first sunset on holiday. only good thing about phangan

first sunset on holiday. only good thing about phangan

we arrive to koh phangan in between rain showers, just as we get on our tuk tuk to go to our resort. It pours again out of the heavens. When we arrive to the resort, we find out that we are to stay in a beach bungalow. As we had to go out side to our room we waited for the rain to ease off. When it finally does, we get to our room, it wasn't the best, there was this odour coming from the bathroom like a mustiness one. But we decide we won't be spending to much time there. So we get our bikinis on to go to the beach. But just as we are ready to go out, it starts to pour again. So we decided to take a nap as we have to recover from the night before. We got up late in the afternoon, Starving. after some lunch we head to the beach while the sun is out. When we get to the beach guess who is there, The German girls, Patricia and Jessica from koh tao. We are staying at the same resort. It was quite funny. We were going to try and meet up later for a couple of drinks.

We decided to go swimming in the water, but it wasn't very deep. It only went up to my waist. So there wasn't much swimming to do. I even swam out quite far and everytime I stood up it didn't get any deeper. It was actually quite funny. I've never been to a beach before where the level seemed to be the same all the way out. It was like a baby beach. Ha ha

We decided to walk into town for dinner. And when we get there, there seemed to be some kind of festival on. So there were stalls on the street and a stage by the dock with some kind of music being played. Nothing we knew anyway. We went for dinner and decided to have a look around after.

There actually wasn't much there to see. Aoife got some meat on a stick and I got some candyfloss. Surprise surprise. But it was an early night. On our way back to the resort we noticed a lot of noise. It was very like frogs croaking but this sounded like a million frogs croaking. i've never heard anything like it. We never read or heard from anyone else about this noise so we were surprised to hear it. Anyway we never ended up meeting with the girls and went to bed early instead. We had a TV in our room and we ended up watching of all thing, Australias next top model. Ha ha. While we were watching TV. I saw something fall onto my bag. So I had a look to see what it was. I gave a little yelp and went looking for something to get rid of it. I never told aoife what it was but I ended being afraid that more cockroaches would come falling down on top of us as we slept. But luckily enough that seemed to have been the only one. Next morning we went for breakfast. we met Patricia and Jessica again and apologized for last night as we were so tired but we said we would see them tonight. I wanted to rent bikes out but we decided to go for a day tour instead. It wasn't to start till 1 O. clock, so we were going to go to the beach for the morning. But as we were getting ready for the beach it started to rain again. So we ended sitting our room watching TV. When it came to 1 O. clock, we went out for our tour. The rain had quietened abit, but we were hoping to wouldn't down pour again. We met tuk tuk our tour guide. Ha ha and the driver. Our first port of call was a waterfall. It was a nice small walk but the waterfall wasn't very big. But it was nice to be out doing something. After that was to a Chinese pagoda, which was quite nice. But there seems to be loads of them all over southeast Asia. That Buddhism for you. Then it was to malibu beach for lunch and then we went snorkeling at the north western side of the island. I have to say it was really cool. And we saw some cool stuff. My ear was still hurting alittle. I made sure to put ear plugs in my ear before I went out. But of course when we got back out of the water, the one ear plug that didn't stay in was the one I needed to stay in.

after that we headed to this bar called Amsterdam bar where we were to watch the sunset. The bar was quite high up the side of this hill and was quite a climb. But the view was gorgeous. The only problem was there wasn't any sunset to talk about. When we ended back at our hotel, we tried looking for the the German girls but didn't see them anywhere. But we went for our showers and decided to eat at our resort that night. The restaurant and bar was on the beach, so we walked out to it. It was OK but seemed really quiet and didn't seem to me to have much atmosphere. Also there was some kind of smell that wasn't very pleasant. But we stayed their for dinner and had a couple of drinks, wondering where the German girls were as we went by their bungalow earlier and still no sign. So we were hoping they would show up there. But after a while when there was no show we decided to go for a walk along the beach and funny enough at the next bar down, there they were having a few drinks. So we joined them for awhile. And also it was raining so we wanted out of the rain. Ha ha. There was a gentleman there that seemed to own the bar who was from jersey, but he was off his head on drink. He was trying to get his staff to stay and cover the bar but they told him no and left him there alone in that state. It was quite funny. I think the only reason someone would do that is, when it happens so often they had enough. So to me it seemed like he did this kind of thing regularly. And when it came for the girls to pay, he couldn't get the money box open to give them change. They even went behind the bar to see if they could but no luck. Or it was lucky for them because they didn't have to pay for their drinks in the end. When the girls left, me and aoife went back to the other bar to play a game of pool. And there seemed to be some thing of party with all the other guests getting hammered. But it really started to rain hard and they were all going to the other side of the island to go dancing. They invited us along but the rain was too much and I wasn't in the mood. Sure we got soaked just getting back to our room. The next day we were to get the boat and bus to krabi. So all in all koh phangan wasn't much to write home about after the fun we had on koh tao.

It took us all of the next day to get krabi. The funny thing though was how our names were spelt. We had some funny versions of our names since we came to thailand but this was the best one. They had spelt aoifes name as adrift. Ha ha. So from now she is known as adift. And I always wondered what kind of nickname we could call her. Just come to thailand and you'll find out.

And when we finally arrived I was wreaked and crabby as my ear had getting worse.

I was also worried as we were to fly in a plane to Bangkok and with my ear like that I wouldn't be able. So I got antibiotic drops from the chemists and I wanted to keep my ear dry for the next 4 days, so it would get better. Which was a pain as that really meant no water, when we were on and around beaches. But we went for dinner and I got crabby at aoife. Sorry! And went to bed early.

The next day we thought we were doing a kayak tour, but it ended up being an island tour. It was probably better as I was less likely to get my ear wet. But it was also nice just to relax for the day. Aoife was funny she said all she had left that she wanted to do was get a suntan and get pics of monkeys. So it was the prefect tour as on the first island, which was called poda island, we saw monkeys and we got to laze on the beach for awhile. Ha ha. so mission over, aoife can now go home. Ha ha. It was really nice, as aoife went for a lie down I went for a walk along the beach and when I went around the corner there was no else there and it seemed like I had the whole island to myself. When I got back it was back onto the boat and off to the next island which was called chicken island, I think it was originally called hammer island because of rock shaped like that but some tourist said it looked like a chicken and in the last 5 years or so it has been called chicken island. Terrible I know.

But there in a alcove they stopped the boat for the people to get out and snorkel. I didn't go and I wish I could have but my ear. Really you really sad for me yet? Ha ha. Or maybe I'm going on to much about it. It was funny the boat driver and the guide both went in the water and when the boat driver came back out he had a lifevest strapped on him like a nappy. I'd say he was a funny fellow. To bad he only knew Thai.

But aoife said it was really cool and there was loads of fish. They were even feeding the fish went bread which I've never really seen before. Fish eating bread. Huh. After that we went onto the island to have some lunch and then we were hanging around there for a couple of hours or so. I went out into the water making sure the water didn't get up to far. But there were fish there and think they were called tiger fish but they tried to eat me a couple of times. Now they had no teeth but it still kinda freaked me out. But the water was also quite shallow so we moved to another side of the beach were it was a little deeper and sat there in the water for awhile. When we got out, we both noticed that aoife looked abit red. The holiday was nearly over and aoife has finally got a little sunburned. I remember mine it in ho ian and I couldn't sit down properly for a couple days.

But it was back to the boat and the next island. I never did get the name of this one but on this island there was a little cave with a pagoda in it but it was full of phallic symbols. Why would someone pray to that. Aren't mens egos big enough? Ha ha

we also got to watch some rock climbers. It was really interesting. It I had more time I would have tried to do some rock climbing. I'll just have to try some other time. We got back to the boat and got back to krabi. We didn't do much but we were still exhausted. And aoifes tummy was acting up all day. So when we got back to the hotel. We went for something to eat but this time instead of me going to bed early it was aoife. Ha ha. Anyway it was up early the next morning, we were getting the boat to koh phi phi. And we were to meet couchsurfers there at a dive center and hopefully aoife was going to dive one of the days.

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