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Ireland | Sunday, 16 June 2013 | 5 photos

Throughout my life I've already had a number of passions but I've yet to find my real calling. I've loved art for a long time, however, with limited natural talent it is also something I've had to work hard to improve at. When I first used a camera four years ago I'd no intention of ever going further with it but it was shortly afterwards I discovered my passion for photography and how gratifying the results of a good photograph can be.
After that I first began to learn in my home town, which I already knew well and could find photographing opportunities quite easily. With rivers, canals, woods and forests all around I was in my element and combined with my other passions such as rock climbing I had ample opportunity to develop my skill and understanding.
About a year ago though, I moved to a new country, Ireland, since then I have been exploring my local surroundings and trying to capure the beauty of this new and very different land.
This brings me to now, where I've learned a lot but have much more yet to understand and achieve. A chance like this is something I would relish as extremely scary and yet, an incredible chance to become better as photographer and a person.

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