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Gina, Joe and Justin's Backpacking Experience


AUSTRALIA | Friday, 2 January 2009 | Views [552]

Christmas in a campervan was spent the same way as the rest of the world.....opening presents!!!!  The only complication was that Gina was the only person that bought any presents...awwweee isn’t she sweet.  Well before you think that let me tell you what she got me and Joe, “MUSK flavored Life Savers.”  Yeah you heard that right MUSK, in the words of Joe “they actually taste like your licking an old man.”  ...ugh...thanks Gina ;).  In her defense she did get us some other candy that was much better, but not quite enough to wash the taste of Stetson’s out of my mouth though!

So back to the adventure.  I think we had what most people would consider an “average” Christmas day, we hiked the largest waterfall in Australia, Ellenborough Falls...That's average right?!?  it was pretty spectacular though; the little sign by the entrance said that it was over 200 meters tall which is about 650 feet (decent eh?).  One of my favorite things about this country is there faith in the “Darwin Theory” i.e. the stupid of the earth will eliminate themselves.  Because of this they do not “Americanize” things like this by putting huge fences up to block you from getting “too close” (which is usually “nowhere near close enough”)... Instead they opt to inform you of how close they suggest you get and if you decide to push the limit then you better be careful!  I mention this because, due to this understanding we were able to CAREFULLY make our way to the base of the waterfall and get a good look (and lots of pictures) of something this beautiful the way it was meant to be seen, naturally from surrounding rocks and trees, not from behind a chain link fence!!!  Ps...we all survived ;).  And what ride back from something in the middle of nowhere would be completely with out some story of a major road hazard blocking out passage.  Ellenborough falls came though for us with a new one!  About 75 cattle standing in the middle of the road with absolutely NOOO intention of getting out of the way! Luckily I wasn’t the one driving for this event, so I got a great laugh from the back listening to Joe honk and scream obscenities at livestock that couldn’t be bothered.  I want Joe's brothers to take 5 second and try to picture it...yeah...it was funny.  Kinda like “the cod,” same disappointment but with a little more anger ;).

This neck of the woods was called waterfall country, compete with an expressway called “waterfall way.”   So there are quite a few other pictures mixed in there of other waterfalls from the area, but no wonderful stories of adventure to accompany :(.  There are also a few pictures in there that are different, I learned a cool new trick with my camera and those were the best fruits of 3 hours worth of messing around.  Some of them are pretty cool I thought ;).

Another stop along the way called “Hat Head National Park” has a good story.  As you can see in one of the pictures the beaches here open to people who like to swim O'natural, which is fine, except for the fact that they don’t tell you until you actually take the 45 minute hike to the base of the hill to the beach!!!  Where there was, conveniently placed, a set of naked dudes.  Luckly us....lucky us.  How come its never beautiful women like the movies suggest???  To clear our minds from the dangle we quickly left and stumbled across another gaol (prison).  It was the Australians version of Alcatraz on the big secluded point in the ocean.  It was used to house affluent prisoners from World War 1.  Considering the view they had every day I’m a little jealous...

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