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Adventures of a female traveler

Day One - Get me out of here!!!

USA | Tuesday, 28 February 2012 | Views [630]

Friday February 17, 2012

My flight to Brazil was scheduled to leave at 10:50 pm which should have left me plenty of time to make my flight out of Miami. However, given the way my month prior to trip was going, it was almost certain that something would come along to "test" me more (see my prelude to understand why). 

Earlier, I had considered working a half day this Friday. I decided that the best thing was for me to take the day off to work on my trip mantra to "find stillness in the flame". So what is a girl to do?? Why, go to the spa of course!! I colored my hair that morning (secret is out, I am not a natural red head!), I had breakfast with my roommate, then I went to the Spa to get my nails, eyebrows, and eyelashes done! I chose a royal red for my nails and a very feisty and very sparkly purple for my toes! I waited until the day before my trip to get the essentials done, had my eyebrows waxed and eyelashes tinted black. I love to do this because it eliminates the need for mascara. When I was done, I had some extra time so I even got a spray on tan, because even though I live in Miami and have many opportunities to tan here, I had been working my butt off to prepare to take time off for the trip and my white butt didn't see much light of day outside of the office!

I notoriously have problems with electronics, they simply don't like me! So of course my phone wasn't keeping a charge the day of my trip! When I was done with my spa day my phone was dead and I still had a long drive back to my apartment on Miami Beach. When I got home I found out from my roommate who I had loaned my car to while I was gone (her car was also recently towed and she could not get it out) that she was not able to get off work to give me a ride to the airport. "No Biggie" I thought (or maybe hoped) to myself. Most of my friends lived far from the beach so at that point it was out of the question to ask them. Plus, I kind of hate asking for favors. So I started calling for a cab. Too bad it was boat show weekend that happened to be right by my apartment! One dispatcher was yelling at me when I asked when the cab could get there, he said he had no clue and if I want a cab I have to deal with it, I made the mistake of questioning why he was yelling at me. He yelled with a Spanish accent: "You want to get an attitude with ME? No cab for you than.. Buh-BYEEE!!" Oh shoot! At that point, the panic set in. I called cab company after cab company. Most of them told me more politely that they were sorry but no way. I finally found a company who promised me a cab in 45 minutes. This was cutting it but I had no choice but to agree.

I loaded my female traveling backback on my back, with carry on in hand, wearing a long comfortable dress, and well... comfortable heels... lol what can I say I live in Miami, and I hit the streets. This way, I was sure I could at least flag a cab. I was wrong. I stood on the street corner facing the highway that leads you directly to the airport for 45+ minutes. I then called the company they said he would be there in 5 minutes. I got a call from the driver who spoke very poor English. He was confused about where I lived. I spent several minutes explaining to him before there was a long pause. Then I heard him say... "oh.. oh.. no.. you live on the beach?" I said "Yes, where are you?" he said "Hialeah.. oh, oh, oh no." I began to cry. I asked him to find me another ride. I called the company frantic. They assured me that a drive was near me. I explained what happened. They called me back and apologized that the driver did not understand the directions and they would send another cab. Meanwhile, no cabs would stop for me as many sped past me each minute. The new driver assured me he would get me to the airport fast. He did, 10 minutes and $45 later I was at Miami International Airport. I am ashamed to say I once again lost my stillness in the flame. I was a nervous wreck. Luckily, a nice woman that worked for American Airlines took pity on me and helped me out. In the security line I begged the other travelers to let me cut the line, many hesitated at first but took a look at my desperation and let me pass. 

Miraculously, I made it to my gate just in time and thankfully boarding was delayed. In addition, the traveling companion that works for Delta, told me last minute that she would be joining me with my family friends in Brasilia. I emailed our family friends last minute asking if it would be okay if she join us. I received a reply that he didn't really understand and that it may be better if she got a hotel. "Great". She was already in the air to Brasilia and would arrive before me. I was a bundle of nerves. Again, my phone could hardly hold a charge. I thought maybe if I could just relax and sleep on the plane I would be alright. I looked in my purse for the sleeping pills that I intended to bring for my flight, turns out I accidently brought pills for a UTI. I was texting my mom and cousin before my flight. My cousin joked with me that they may come in handy over the flight. And my poor mom, was probably more nervous than I was to hear her normally adventurous and courageous daughter so weak and desperate for her mom. They both gave me encouragement, reminded me of my strength, and ensured me this would be the trip of a lifetime.

Once I found my seat on the plane, I had my first stroke of good luck, I had the full row to myself. I stretched out, made my self comfortable, and held on to the mantra from my friend "Be the stillness in the flame". Lol, I lost the card on that flight!

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