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Half way out of the dark...

USA | Tuesday, 28 December 2010 | Views [441]

This year has been...well...complicated.

In my oppinion however, "complicated"  has a bad wrap, and while, a little over a year out from my "aha"  moment that drove my itchy feet out of Mexico I still have NO idea how (when, WHERE) this is going to end, at least I've managed to add a little to my global bag-o-tricks. 

I've learnt to Snorkel this year (and loved it...but shhhh don't tell), learnt how addictive a smartphone can be (answer: VERY) and have been to at least two parties with the fixings of some random recipe in my handbag...(I think I'm taking my sister's acusations of my "bag lady" tendencies to a whole new level here). 

I've made new friends, re-connected with old ones, and learnt to let go of ones that had run their course.  I've learnt a new language (Twitter counts right?), found new and lovely corners of the city I grew-up in, and survived a year (and counting) in a long distance relationship.  And perhaps, most importantly, have decided to stop admiring, and start DOING. 

As one of my dear friends says, "life is NOW" and while this past year has focused on healing (physically, financially, academically... some completed more successfully than others)I do think its time for this coming year to start on a "to do" list of sorts.  And since the goal of this year is to GROW, "Half way out of the Dark"  seems rather a fitting time to start.

1) Blogging: I'm rather like a sleepy cat, there is little in this world I enjoy more than finding that one sunny spot, despite the weather outside, the sun has still managed to warm.  And in the long, dark, teatime of the soul, there are several wonderful website that I fondly refer to as my "pretty things"  that have served as my sunny spot.  For this I thank them with all my heart.  And while this note by no means implies I have finished my romance with them, I do believe its time to start creating something.  Anything.  And since bread seems out of the question....

2) Bread: Maybe not out of the question but my Achiles Heel?? very probably.  I had honestly hoped a print out of a reservation at some breadmaking (or pasta making, or knife skills) workshop would turn up in my stocking this year but alas, it looks like I'm going to have to revert back to trial and jaw-braking error on this one, because I'M. NOT. GIVING. UP.

3) Handwriting: We're going for consistently legible here although who am I kidding, I'd love to have interesting, artistic handwriting that I could twirl into a flourish when sending hand-written greetings (HA! right) and keep simple when scribbling notes on my delightfully whimsical design blog (HA HA!! - I should mention at this point that I'm an anthropologist... not a design bone in my body...they're all geeky ones instead)...I'm pretty sure baby steps is the way to go with this one

4) Yoga: DO IT! Its so pointless to keep reminding myself of this one... I love it so much and yet I can't seem to get my rapidly expanding bum off the sofa!... I think this one will have to be filed under "Diciplina de las Nalgas" (literally "Butt Discipline")... you SIT there until its DONE... although in this case "Diciplina de los Perro Bocabajos"  (downward dog discipline) seems more fitting)

5) Job: Get one.  That Pays.  That has regular hours. That isn't soul destroying...doable right?

Wish me luck!

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