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HONG KONG | Monday, 24 December 2007 | Views [1056]

Freeman and Eli’s wedding is most definitely on my TOP three wedding list!!!! It was glamorous, yet moving, a classy and elegant affair, but yet still soooo heartwarming! Freeman has been my friend for over 15 years! We’ve both shared in, in each others highs and lows in life. And for sharing in on his Wedding Day will forever be a highlight in my memory, as well as being completely and utterly worth taking the risk of the 6 month leave of absence! I wish I had more photos of the day… and will have to ask Sonia to burn me her pics, so that everyone can witness and see what an incredible day it was

The day was just jam packed…. but I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have changed a single thing! At the risk of rambling (as usual) I have included just the highlights of the day!

My Highlights

- Freeman and Eli’s wedding was OVER 500++ people. I have no clue of the exact numbers… but lets just say it was so lavish and glamorous… like those weddings that you see on MTV… ‘Weddings of the Rich and Famous.’ They spared no expense… but it was NOT pretentious at all! I would NOT expect Eli and Freeman to have any less… because they deserve it! The décor was just PHENOMENAL! ;) You know me and aesthetics!

 - Sonia and I were honored enough to not only be in the wedding party, but we also had the opportunity to do a reading at the church. You know me… I am a sap at heart… but put Sonia and I together, and we can get pretty darn sentimental. She had the idea… inspired by Htwe to write our own reading. I personally cannot take credit for the poem, as quoted by Felix… “Don’t you think what you’re writing is too cheesy?” Sonia was able to work in a couple of the lines that I wrote into a truly beautiful poem that reflected Freeman and Elizabeth as how we know them… The reading really touched Freeman and Eli, except when I read the line “Freeman a pillar to lean and his trademark meekness,” well he started to giggle at that point, which set me off. The thing is he didn’t hear meekness, (which to clarify we did not mean by shy… but instead humble!) he heard me say ‘MEATNESS!’ He thought I was saying he was chubby! =) Gosh… what kind of a friend do you think I am!

- When Freeman and Eli exchanged their vows… Vincy, Freeman’s sister was next to me… and I just grabbed her hand when they said their own vows…  my eyes as usual.. just welled up! Bah! I am sooooo easy to get going! I squeezed Vincy’s hand… cause we just got soooo choked up. She got so choked up she only got a tissue for herself… and not for me!!! ;p

- I am gonna have to gush again… but my husband is so amazing and seriously multi-talented… long story short, he made this incredible paper cutting of Freeman and Eli’s silhouette of their Proposal night. (Idea was originally from my awesome friends Karin and Ivy, as they captured our proposal in a similar Wedding Gift!) I was soooo excited about their reaction…. and was not disappointed. The look was PRICELESS! I am sooo happy that they loved it so much! And for the record… I cut the moon and the star! =p

- I don’t know if many of you have attended HK weddings… but they have a certain dryness… (my own included!) they pretty much are all the same, and not very intimate and heartwarming. At least the ones I have attended anyway, so no one be offended!  Freeman and Eli were so worried that theirs would be the same, but really with the friends that they have…. I have no idea why they even contemplated that thought! It was soooo incredibly fun… and not only did I get to met many of their friends through the days of preparation leading up to the wedding, but… Freeman and Eli… I LOVE YOUR FRIENDS! Everyone is soooo nice, and I have never met such a bunch of gentlemanly boys (Freeman’s groomsmen!) before. They seemed to anticipate my every need and made sure that when I stepped into the car, that the door was open, that my seat was pulled out, that I had refreshments, that I wasn’t carrying any bags, that I had food on my plate, and tea in my cup… etc! The sisters (aka Jee Mui’s) were all sooo FUN too. We all got acquainted at the Hen night… and let me tell you these girls can seriously PARTY!  =) I can’t wait til my next girlfriend gets married… I have so many ideas for a bacholorette now! Novel, Pam, Wendy, Karen, Elaine… it was a pleasure to have met you!!! You guys ROCK!!! Hopefully we will have another opportunity to have a girls night before I leave HK!

- The dance portion was sooooo FUN! I don’t think Dancing is very typical in HK weddings… but at this one… we were seriously moshing! At one point anyway! I hadn’t seen some of these friends in over 10 years… but we just picked up where we left off and I am sure that everyone had an INCREDIBLE time! At one point I grabbed my friend Adrian and we were twirling and spinning like crazy drunks!!! Actually… I think we were drunk… It’s a highlight for me, because my friend Adrian is really serious and a ‘lil reserved and to see him dance so carefreely… was just AWESOME!!!

-The wedding video… I have some regrets on not actually getting my own wedding filmed and edited to this degree. (Don’t get me wrong, I still love my wedding video) but what Johnny and his crew did was soooo incredible. I got goose bumps just watching it! Carmen and I were just squeezing each others hands… Freeman and Eli, promise me you’ll give me a copy!

As usual I have succeeded in rambling on and on … but really… I am so happy for you both… and am excited for you two to start this chapter in your life! I love you guys… and truly… you are like my family! I am so blessed to have you in our lives!

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