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Squeaky Clean Singapore

SINGAPORE | Friday, 23 November 2007 | Views [1371] | Comments [2]

The last leg of this trip was spent in Singapore.  The first thing that hit us was how squeaky clean Singapore was.  Our hotel (yes… hotel… we decided to stay in an actual hotel instead of a hostel this time) was near Chinatown so we just had a quick dinner in a food stall nearby. Singapore’s Chinatown is like no other Chinatown you’ve ever seen… the place is so clean it just didn’t seem like a Chinatown… something integral to the whole experience was missing!  But the food was still good nonetheless.

Singapore is just bustling with activity, it actually really reminded us of Hong Kong, or New York… it’s a richer country then the last couple places we have visited, and you can totally tell by the roads, the cars, and the buildings! We had no issues at all navigating through the city.

One of the definite highlights was the Night Safari. It came highly recommended by my friend Dai Car, so of course we had to check it out. This place is really amazing. It is set in a rainforest/jungle, and they have different animals in their natural habitats. You can either take a 45 minute tram ride, or walk to each of the different exhibits. The cool thing is that you have to do it by night, through the dark, which gave it a different type of thrill.

Unfortunately we got rained out, but it was still really cool. One of the highlights for Felix and I, was we wandered to the Zebra and the Giraffe exhibit. Because of the rain, no one was around. It was just us, in the twilight with these animals. It just felt so surreal. Peace, and calm in the still of the night, with us quietly watching these animals from the enclosure of the surrounding trees. The giraffes were just so gentle yet majestic. I only wish we got to see more of the animals by foot. If only we could do an African Safari now, haha… =) I know I am asking for too much now!

Singapore is definitely a town for shopping; there are kilometers upon kilometers of different stores. We walked till we could walk no more, and hopped on the Singapore tour bus. Felix just wanted a break, but it was a blessing in disguise because it brought us to the Singapore Botanical Gardens which was another sight that just knocked the socks off us. It’s like no garden we have ever seen…  Its all natural and the trees must be hundreds of years old… because they are ginormous.

We were at this lake… and managed to find out the interesting habits of the fish that lived there. Watch and see…


They just got startled by sudden movements!

We had the feast of all feasts that night courtesy of Jeremy, Felix’s friend back from the Adexa days. It was an amazing meal… we finally got to sample the famous Curry Fish Head, and damn it was soooo good! Good company, good conversation and most important YUMMY food.

Toh Chin and Jeremy, Thank you so much for your hospitality and treating us to a Damn good meal!  Please come visit us in Canada soon… and we’ll treat you to….Beaver Tails. =)

We are now back in HK to recuperate for a week… and then its off to JapanOsaka and Tokyo. A whole different culture. =) We are super excited… but a little daunted by the expenses we will incur there… but I always say… we have to experience the highs and the lows to get the full package… =) We miss the comforts of home, and our friends and family! We hope all is well, and that the snow is not depressing too many of you! =)

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I'm reminded of my favorite restaurant in New York City called "Penang", 109 Spring Street. The cuisine is, you guessed it, Malaysian.

Great wedding, great time, I'm very happy for you!

  Gigi Ho Dec 9, 2007 5:44 AM


After a while on the road, don't u start to feel like a fugitive? Perhaps I will someday visit Singapore, based on ur recommendation... well, mostly the squeaky clean thing. as Flex knows, I'm very sensitive so I would probably drop dead in some of those other countries u guys have been to, Eastern Europe was enough of an adventure for me. But good to see u kids having fun, and don't forget to shake ur booty, and remind Flex to "Turn down the sexy"

  King Jan 10, 2008 10:30 AM



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