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Kuala Lumpur - How we love thee!

MALAYSIA | Monday, 12 November 2007 | Views [1735] | Comments [3]

So here we are... day 2 in Malaysia. In true backpackers fashion... we are in an internet cafe in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, trying to plan the next leg! Of course my husband is doing all the research as I do important things like check my email, update the blog etc! =) Gotta love the guy!

Literally in the past 2 days, we have just walked, ate, walked, ate and slept! Who would not love a life like that! KL is known for its food for sure, and Felix and I were definitely up for the challenge. Yesterday alone, we had 7 meals. Yep, you read right. Where-ever we went, when we needed a break, we'd park our behinds and eat! There is such a range of yummy foods here, for a number of our meals, we just ate in the outdoor food stalls on Jl Bukit Bintang... from Chow Kueoh Teow, to beef and chicken satays, to fresh wonton mee. Alex emailed me, and said... its a great thing that Felix is getting all this food, and can fatten up, however me, on the other hand... not so good! I will simply justify this, by saying we have walked a hell of a LOT! Hmph!

The sites have been diverse as well... we went to see the infamous Petronas towers, both in the daytime and at night. We visited the KLCC Suria mall which is the most incredible mall... and shoes at a serious steal. Too BAD I am backpacking, otherwise I may have bought a couple pairs! Chinatown was chaotic and crazy... but not as insane as the local bus station. That place is a zoo.... We even went to the National Museum today to get out culture and history fix!

So my first time in a guest house... recommended by Sumit... Number Eight and I have to say its comfy and relaxed! We didn't manage to get a room with a attached bathroom, so going communal has been an experience for me for sure. You know me... I am quite the princess when it comes to that... but when the urge to pee comes at 3 am, I just wake my hubby and he escorts me to to washroom. Thank goodness.

Next stop is Cameron Highlands... a completely different place from KL. I hear its all tea plantations, and a place of peace and tranquility!  Looking fwd to a break in the pace. Even though this is only leg 3 of many!

All is well... and we're happy and full! Hope you are great and know that we miss you guys. I knew I would find homesickness a challenge, and everyone where I go, certain things remind me of you guys, and I wish you were here with me... =)

Take Care!!

PS We visited this amazing Aquarium... and Felix was little boy in a toystore. Here is a link of the underwater bridge and the marvels of the sea.


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Hi Felix & Stephanie,

It's fun to read your journals and find out how you guys are doing.

My Muslim friend here at work taught me 2 useful sentences that are quite handy to use in countries of islam religion.

Greet people with "Assalaam alykum" (meaning peace be with you), or if you were greeted with "Assalaam alykum", you respond with "Wa alykum assalaam" (meaning peace be with you too).

These are Arabic words in origin. You can say them anytime of the day. So just start to practise the two words "Assalaam alykum" between the two of you.


  bfung1 Nov 15, 2007 5:45 AM


Hey, Stephie

How are you doing? I just caught up w your blog and all your amazing HK and Canadian wedding photos and am amazed! You go, girl! Thanks also for my postcard from Guilin - loved it. Keep in touch!

Htwe xx

  Htwe Armitage Nov 19, 2007 7:58 AM


Hi Steph & Felix,

Sort of amazed by your photos & blogs..^_^
I'm from Malaysia and new to here.

Just to add on, pertaining to the notes from ur DAD.

In Malaysia, or just any other Muslim regions.
If you are not a muslim, it's not necessary for you to greet by using "Assalamualaikum / Waalaikumusalam" as it does not being regard as a value-added element if you are non-muslim.
These words are perceived/ restrained only use amongst Muslim.

Or let's flip the facts, if you use those words, you will be perceived as a Muslim at the first glance.

While you are in Malaysia, a simple "Hello / Nice meeting you" is more than enough, as Malaysian are mostly literate in English. If you do prefer some local dialect, just try, “Apa khabar? = How are you doing? This would be in softer emotive way.

At last, hope you'd really had a great time in Malaysia.

  mun_mun Nov 30, 2007 6:37 PM



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