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My Scholarship entry - Kampong Chhnang, A town on the Tonle Sap River

Cambodia | Monday, 24 November 2014 | flickr photos

I could not imagine a life without traveling and discovering new places. This is what feeds my love of photography and nothing inspires me more than trying to capture moments of different worlds that are foreign to me, yet a familiar home to someone else.

I am an Australian who ashamedly has not seen enough of her own country, though I hope to one day.

My job is in public health in the development sector. My dream is to let my work drag me around where it wants to (currently, that means Cambodia), and I in turn to drag my camera along for the ride too. While my photography has so far been a hobby, I would love to explore it more and turn it into something else, whether that be freelance photography for NGOs or presented in exhibitions and publications to inspire new travellers and global citizens. The world is an amazing place, and I hope to capture a tiny fraction of that to share with those who would otherwise miss it.