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Scrubs in Beijing Fourth year medical student from Houston, traveling to Beijing to study Chinese medicine and Chinese beer

Trip: China Trip 2008

There are [45] stories from my trip: China Trip 2008

Another Day at Tiantan

CHINA | Thursday, 3 Apr 2008 | Views [1044]

On Thursday, we went back to Tiantan Hospital. In the morning, we toured their central ICU and answered many questions about end of life care in the United States versus in China. Apparently, in China, families can request that their loved one remain ... Read more >

Tags: capital medical university, first week, tiantan hospital

First Day: Tiantan Hospital

CHINA | Wednesday, 2 Apr 2008 | Views [1453]

Morning came way too early the first day (as it usually does for me--I'm big on sleep). My cell phone alarm went off an hour early because my phone is convinced that we're in daylight savings time here. Then, Henry rapped on each door on our floor, ... Read more >

Tags: first week, neurosurgery, peking duck, tiantan hospital

Gallery: Arrival in Beijing

CHINA | Tuesday, 1 Apr 2008 | Photo Gallery

First Day in China
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Beijing Airport

CHINA | Tuesday, 1 Apr 2008 | Views [861]

When we landed, it took surprisingly little time to deplane from the 747. I think everyone was just desperate to get the hell out of there; I know I was. My Chinese seatmate was actually leaning on me in her haste to get out of the window seat, ... Read more >

Tags: beijing airport, capital medical university, first week, tourist restaurant

Leaving Texas

CHINA | Sunday, 30 Mar 2008 | Views [611]

I woke up at 3 am. My husband was already up, as usual. I'd been up packing till midnight, so my head was foggy and my hair still damp from showering before bed. I staggered out of bed, threw on the clothes I'd set out, kissed the dog and cat bye, ... Read more >

Tags: houston

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