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MEXICO | Tuesday, 22 October 2013 | Views [622]

I was wandering...

I was wandering...

My story starts at a Mexican Desert in San Luis Potosí. It was a personal trip of self enlightenment and understanding. I have had experiences with the medicine that grows there called “peyote” a couple of times before, but I felt I really needed this time to go there by myself and offer my complete self to the place and the forces that made it a sacred and mystifying sanctuary. I walked for about four hours from a town called Wadley to the profound deeps of the terrain, it was about three o’clock when I started walking. My main priority was to find enough dry wood to start a fire that could keep me warm the whole night, cuz’ it was going to be a long one. So at seven PM I decided to stop and find a nice and clear place where I could lay down and have enough space for a fire and started looking for dry wood in the surroundings. I had collected enough wood already from this plant called “governor” that actually gives shadow to the medicine that grows in those flat lands. And while I was still searching for some more fuel for my fire I realized that there was a couple of them (medicine) waiting for me to meet them. I felt as if everything now was coming into place, because I didn’t have the intention of finding it that night; I was going to stay up with the fire by my side and at the next day start my search for the cactus with much more time and space. But I believe it was completely meant to be, so I started “praying” or talking to the medicine about my entire life and how everything I had lived led me to be right there in that specific time and space in which I was more than grateful to have that kind of opportunity to commune with the place and its forces. So at 10 PM I had collected two cactus of peyote which I thought would be more than enough and started my humble “ceremony” with my fire already up and everything all set up for it. I started singing some lakota songs I learned in previous “tippie” ceremonies with indian chiefs and medicine people and it all started happening. Three men with feathers all over their heads were singing along with me, I knew they were my ancestors and I felt their happiness of knowing I was reaching out and specially into myself. Then the whole starry sky joined itself to become a starry train telling me to step up and go where no one had ever been. A band of giant grasshoppers stood up around me and began to prepare for the highest jump they had ever done which was as high as the stars could reach. And then something from my insides started calling me to step in and see everything by myself, reaching the center of the mother Earth and reaching the deepest feeling of them all: live itself, no start or end, just life at its purest and deepest form.  That's when I became one with everything and knew from that moment we are all connected in many different and special ways and everything is just a reflection of our minds wandering around trying to reach their origin, their roots, their birth. Life itself, it is, it was and it will always be the most incredible and overwhelming mystery to mankind. Thanks for letting me share. Farewell and the best camino for you all, cuz' really all the ways lead us right to our true realms.

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