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Mad Mack

NEW ZEALAND | Wednesday, 11 Feb 2015 | Views [552]

I glance down at my boots and see a small mammal's grinning jawbone, complete with teeth, splotches of fur and the remains of a tiny, leathery nose. I imagine it was skinned and its hide added to the tall stack of skins I saw on a shelf inside, then ... Read more >

Tags: characters, new zealand, people

Don't Feed the Wildlife

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 8 Feb 2015 | Views [307]

"I'll do whatever the hell I want, so shut the hell up!" shouted the redneck, crouched next to a small yellow-eyed penguin on the rocky beach. A crowd had gathered on the earthen ledge above him, watching as he tried to coax the animal towards him with ... Read more >

Tags: animals, new zealand, tourism, tourists, wildlife

The Sandbar King

NEW ZEALAND | Tuesday, 27 Jan 2015 | Views [284]

A Caribbean scene on a New Zealand sandbar: a straw hat topper on a green folding chair, a cooler to the left with a box of wine balanced on top. A man’s bare feet stretch out onto the sand, waves lapping at bony toes. Under the sunhat I’... Read more >

Tags: bays, beaches, biology, birds, ecology, new zealand, scientists

Te Pukatea Bay, Abel Tasman Coast Track

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 26 Jan 2015 | Views [303]

"Can we go to bed yet? " I ask. "No, it's only 7pm, you'll be awake at 5 if you go to sleep now," Lizzy answers. "Well, what are we going to do?" I whine. I'm only half-kidding in my childish behavior. Lizzy smiles knowingly. "Read. Write. Look ... Read more >

Tags: bays, beaches, coast, inspiration, new zealand, saline, tide pools, water

The Aisle Seat: Kia Ora

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 15 Jan 2015 | Views [186]

I've always been an aisle seat gal. Primarily because I like to stretch my legs beyond the tiny hovel of hobbit-space you receive on the average airplane, but there's also a paranoid, self-preservation element to it: when the inevitable emergency evacuation ... Read more >

Tags: landscapes, new zealand, planes, window seat

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