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Kuala Lumpur ::: Malaysia

MALAYSIA | Thursday, 4 December 2008 | Views [549]

from the mountains to the city...oh how i miss the islands...here i am in KL the city and it is a very dirty one at that...i am not sure how much i am liking it here as i developed a rash on my arms and hands that itches like crazy and have had a fever...i have been nauseous and even had to puke on day behind the dumpster since i have not let being ill keep me from seeing the city. It has been a bit hard to eat here also since there is so much meat...i was thinking with all the buddhists and indian hindu people here that there would be more veggie places but that is not the case. KL is like penang in the fact that there are many different religious all living as one in what seems to be a very peaceful way...right now the city is decorated for xmas yet is it a very muslim city and country. While here i surfed with a guy named chinese guy named ken who is a christian so i got to see a xmas tree since his was up in his apartment...his apartment is a very nice and clean one at that.  It was very interesting staying with him as he told us a lot about living with all the different religions here in Malaysia.  He was telling us that the malay have some privileges over the chinese here...for example if there is a malay and a chinese going for the same job the malay would get chosen over the chinese with the same qualifications...also they have to have a certain percentage in a company of malay over chinese...they malay also pay less taxes on the houses they buy.  For students going on to university the malay get to choose their major while the chinese the government chooses it for them and it is usually not one that they really could do anything with since most chinese what to go into business and the government would choose something like italian language which is what had happened to ken's niece.  So most chinese families will start saving once the child is born to send them abroad for their university studies...many end up going to europe, singapore or the states.

I think that i have walked the entire city while being here...and i really mean the entire city...while walking around we were in little india and by a temple (i think they call them temples) and there was a ceremony going on...they were pealing coconuts and wearing flowers the men had their white lines painted across their foreheads and shoulders while the woman where dressed in the most beautiful sari...we watched for a few minutes but i did not take pictures as i did not want to be rude during their beautiful ceremony...these will just have to be in my head...sorry...

Also while walking around we went to hard rock cafe to get my brother a glass he likes to collect from there...and yes we did sit and eat there too...we figured why not...we are here and all...i had a nice veggie burger there so i was happy =)

From here we (vanessa and I) are heading to singapore even though we were warned how expensive it is...we figured we are this close we must go check it out...we are going to surf with a local there so at least we will be saving money there...off to singapore we go... 

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