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Dotma: In a house I can live

India | Friday, 5 July 2013 | 5 photos

To photograph for me is to connect. To get a glimpse into another’s life, a moment, a feeling- in the time space continuum- and a means to share that bond. Bred on episodes of Globe Trekker, a travel show from 90s, I have always longed to reach out to discover, share narratives. Born into a traditional Hindu family with emphasis on a conventional career, following this has never been easy.

Originally trained as an Engineer, I quit my job two years back and joined a course in Communication to understand language, imagery and culture. Learning from the course supplemented my photography and powered my desire to pursue a dream of being a visual storyteller. Banking on the kindness of strangers, some conversations and chai later, the dream travels.

I got involved in photography toying with my Father’s Yashica. Diligent savings later I bought a camera, my most cherished material possession. Without any formal training so far, I have learnt the little I know through reading and from friends made en route. This great learning opportunity with Jason will act a rudder for this directionless dinghy, floating currently only on currents of love and passion for the art.

Fingers crossed.

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