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Aaron and Dina

Aaron and Dina

We live in North Bend, Washington.  We are people of wide interests, adventurous spirits, and culinary curiosities.  We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures as much as we do sharing them.  Working many years as massage therapists, it had been a dream to return to Thailand together one day to pursue additional training in Thai massage.  A trip to Thailand in 2007 was so wonderful, that we just had to plan for another visit.  The trip we describe here in 2014 was an amazing adventure! 

Now, we return to Asia.  This time for a tour of China!  This will be Dina's second trip to the country, and Aaron's first.  Shanghai will be the only repeat destination for Dina, and will be fun to play tour guide there for Aaron.  In preparation for this trip, Dina has been revisiting her Chinese language skillz.  Aaron has been teaching himself how to play the guzheng, a traditional Chinese instrument to which he brings his own improvisational style.  I'm sure we'll fit right in!  :)

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