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USA | Thursday, 28 Mar 2019 | Views [154]

This is a test.

Photos: Beijing

CHINA | Thursday, 13 Apr 2017 | Photo Gallery

Dina and Aaron visiting the Great Wall
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Tags: badaling, beijing, great wall

Our first day in Beijing

CHINA | Monday, 13 Mar 2017 | Views [341] | Comments [1]

Today we see one of the wonders of the world:  China's Great Wall. We drive from our hotel out of the city a bit. The wall is more into the Yan mountains. We are headed to the part of the wall known as Badaling, meaning that it is protecting the ... Read more >

Tags: badaling, fried scorpion, great wall, hutong

Traveling to Beijing

CHINA | Sunday, 12 Mar 2017 | Views [233]

  We left North Bend yesterday (!) for our 20-day tour of China. Got a shuttle bus direct to the airport from just near our house. Runs only every three hours, so we got to the airport very early for our flight. We were able to grab a generally ... Read more >

Cambodia countryside

CAMBODIA | Saturday, 29 Nov 2014 | Views [584]

Yesterday we woke, not quite as early, and got ready for a long tuk-tuk ride out of town to a couple of temple sites we were particularly interested in, north of town about 40 km. We stopped first at Pre Rup, a lesser known temple ruin that seemed of ... Read more >

Tags: cambodia

Photos: Siem Reap, Cambodia

CAMBODIA | Saturday, 29 Nov 2014 | Photo Gallery

Our visit to Angkor temples
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CAMBODIA | Friday, 28 Nov 2014 | Views [542]

Big day!! We got up extremely early to meet our tuk-tuk driver  at 4:30 am . We had to go get our entrance ticket for the Angkor temples. Popular place, and ticket lines can be long; I wish I'd remembered that to get our tickets yesterday. We could ... Read more >

Tags: angkor thom, angkor wat, bayon, cambodia, siem reap, ta phrom

Arrived in Cambodia

CAMBODIA | Thursday, 27 Nov 2014 | Views [379]

: We say goodbye to Thailand, and fly into a new country for both of us: Cambodia!! A quick one-hour flight from Bangkok, we touch down into a very hot day. We thought Thailand was hot....   Arriving at the airport, we discover that we need ... Read more >

Tags: cambodia, siem reap

The Hut

THAILAND | Monday, 24 Nov 2014 | Views [464]

We leave Cave Lodge, sadly and sorely, and head back to Pai. Pai is partway between Chiang Mai and Pang Mapha, and we thought staying there for a night would be a nice way to break up our return trip from PMP to Bangkok. The road from PMP to Pai is almost ... Read more >

Tags: pai, thailand

Photos: Pai

THAILAND | Sunday, 23 Nov 2014 | Photo Gallery

Our overnight stay in Pai, Thailand
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Tags: pai, thailand

Tham Lod cave

THAILAND | Sunday, 23 Nov 2014 | Views [859]

Yesterday, I woke up extremely sore from our three cave adventure the day before. Thankful I am not actually injured, but it's still pretty difficult to get out of bed, descend stairs, or navigate a toilet. As much as I'd love a day of rest, recuperation, ... Read more >

Tags: cave lodge, thailand, tham lod cave

Waaay outside the comfort zone

THAILAND | Friday, 21 Nov 2014 | Views [514]

If travel is supposed to bring you into experiences you would never normally have, then today I have truly travelled. We signed up for a tour of three local caves today. There were eight of us, plus our guide, Ahn. The first thing they say to me is, ... Read more >

Tags: cave lodge, caving, pang mapha, thailand

Going north to Pang Mapha, Thailand

THAILAND | Thursday, 20 Nov 2014 | Views [328]

Today we checked out of our Chiang Mai guesthouse, the Hollandra Montri, which has been our home for almost three weeks. I felt sad to leave, as we've gotten to know some great people here and have had a great time. But more adventures await us, and ... Read more >

Tags: cave lodge, pang mapha, thailand

Photos: Soppong/Pang Mapha

THAILAND | Wednesday, 19 Nov 2014 | Photo Gallery

Our time staying at Cave Lodge
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White Temple and Black House

THAILAND | Wednesday, 19 Nov 2014 | Views [563]

Today Aaron and I decided to go on a day trip adventure to Chiang Rai, a three-hour bus ride northeast of Chiang Mai. We were told yesterday, during our recon mission to the bus station, that the bus left every hour from 6 AM to 6 PM. We headed out in ... Read more >

Tags: chiang rai

Photos: Chiang Rai

THAILAND | Wednesday, 19 Nov 2014 | Photo Gallery

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San Kampaeng Hot Springs

THAILAND | Friday, 14 Nov 2014 | Views [528]

Today after class, our teacher Dot arranged for a group of us to travel outside of the city to the San Kampaeng hot springs. We were told it's a fifty-minute drive from the city, but a thirty-minute return trip due to less traffic later in the day. Aaron ... Read more >

Tags: san kampaeng hot springs

Prepping for massage exam

THAILAND | Thursday, 13 Nov 2014 | Views [387]

Today we finished learning our final segment in the Thai massage sequence: the face massage. Not usually a big fan of face massage, both as giver or receiver, I thought this would be not much of a highlight of the training.  I said to myself, "Well, ... Read more >

Tags: massage class

Thai Herbal-Ball Massages

THAILAND | Monday, 10 Nov 2014 | Views [962]

Ok. This is the third time I've attempted this post. Internet access is unreliable here, as is website compatibility. We've had three wonderful days of the Loy Krathong festival. Thousands of lanterns floating up into the sky from points all over the ... Read more >

Tags: loy krathong, thai herbal-ball massage

Massage class and Loy Krathong

THAILAND | Thursday, 6 Nov 2014 | Views [576]

We have finished our third day of class at the Sunshine Massage School in Chiang Mai. There are sixteen of us in the class, and we represent nine countries: USA,  France, Germany, UK, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Argentina, Spain, and Holland. The classes ... Read more >

Tags: khom loy, loy krathong, thai massage

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