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Cheers, Bean Town

USA | Thursday, 30 June 2011 | Views [340]

George Washington statue in Public Gardens

George Washington statue in Public Gardens

Today was the laziest day of vacation yet. I headed out pretty late this morning wondering what to do before 11, so I went inside Trinity Church in Copley Plaza to continue this unofficial church tour I seem to be doing during vacation. This was a straightforward pay $7, then walk into the church. That's it. No massive tombs or corridors or audio guides like in London. An organist was rehearsing so that gave a nice dramatic soundtrack while I was walking around. After the church I went to the Farmer's Market in the Prudential Plaza, but this turned out to be really small. At least I got a free Lindt truffle from a store worker handing them out on the way there. Then I decided to walk to the North End to get something Italian for lunch. I was trying to find this place from my guidebook, but I couldn't, and then just as I was walking past Florentine Cafe, this guide on a segway tour wheeled by with his tourists and said, “This restaurant also has pretty good Italian food,” so I thought I might as well stop walking and go inside. There were so many cafes on the street all serving Italian food so it was pretty hard to narrow one down. But the restaurant was pretty crowded so I figured it must be good. I ordered some penne pasta with chicken and some alcohol. The food was good but not amazing.

I also stopped by the Old North Church (otherwise known as Christ Church) and this is the famous church where 2 lanterns were hung outside in 1775 to signify that the British were crossing the river (“one if by land, two if by sea”) and therefore warned the militias before the Battle of Lexington and Concord. The church was very simple on the inside: white walls and pews and clear windows, but it was still emotionally moving. The pews were actually arranged like cubicles because that was the only way to keep people warm back then, and back then you could “buy” a pew to attend service with the best seats going for the equivalent of $25,000 a year.

I made a quick stop by Faneuil Hall Marketplace to grab a yogurt smoothie and caught the end of a street juggler act. I had also watched a street juggler in London and another one in Iceland, and it's funny how even though they have different styles and senses of humor, a lot of things are similar. I video-recorded all of them, so it's gonna be interesting to string all the videos and watch them together. Then I walked along Beacon Street, a famous neighborhood because of its ritzy townhouses. They're very nice-looking in that New England/old money type way. I passed by the bar that was the inspiration for the tv show Cheers unintentionally. (Eh, I never really cared for that show). Only the outside and staircase are like the show, otherwise the inside is completely different. But I think there's another bar in Boston that recreates the inside exactly if you're so inclined to visit. Then I walked to the Esplanade, this park right along the water with running/biking trails. It's also where the 4th of July celebration will be held. It was really pretty and very relaxing just to sit there in the sun and enjoy the breeze and watch the sailboats go by. I think I sat on a bench there for close to 2 hours. I had a long list of things I wanted to do in Boston but decided to just take it easy today and enjoy the city without stopping to take a picture every 5 minutes.

So that ends my short stay in Boston. A nice little city, but I kind of feel bad for the drivers because the roads are narrow and people constantly jaywalk and block turns all the time. Tomorrow morning I am flying to NYC, where I have no guidebook at all, so let's see what happens! I have one event scheduled only, and that's to catch a Broadway show on Saturday night. Otherwise maybe I'll just chill in Central Park or check out the museums. I can't believe I'm starting the final leg of vacation tomorrow.

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