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"Suffered” serious scenery overload!

USA | Wednesday, 2 May 2012 | Views [472]

We explored the stupendous scenery of Monument Valley guided by a Navajo Indian in the morning and followed this with a ‘Terry style’ picnic lunch on the balcony of our room which must  have the most amazing view of any picnic site so far on this trip [see photographs].  Lunch was followed by a drive to Valley of the Gods, an incredible drive which competes remarkably well with Monument Valley for spectacular butts – you can get closer to them – and was finished off by a drive to the Goosenecks State Park to take in the view.

We learned so much about the Navajo nation historically and currently and were amazed at how they lived and live and use the resources of ‘Mother Earth’.  Did you know that a Yucca has a root which provides inter alia soap for washing self and clothes ?   

The scenery in Monument Valley appears even more dramatic than when seen in Western  films and our Navajo guide told yarns about John Ford and John Wayne, Charlton Heston and other film stars; they made scenes from The Greatest Story Ever Told and Back to the Future here.  We both refused to sit on a horse at John Ford point, Diana because it was too high and Malc because …….. well who knows?

Driving through the Valley of the Gods was eerie, only because we only saw three cars, all going the other way  as we entered the valley and from that point we were totally alone for over one hour.  The road proved very rough and hilly but Malc was in his element getting to the top of inclines and finding which way the road went down.  Gigantic stones littered the land where they had fallen from the huge stone butts and messe’s and there was more of this than in Monument Valley. 

Goosenecks State Park took us to an overlook point which was staggeringly deep; a series of deep cut bends in the rocks formed by the river and wind which was a taste of what to expect in the Grand Canyon which we will visit later in May. We found it difficult to take in all the wonderful scenery and were exhausted following an amazing day of discovery. 

We went to bed early but were woken up by the telephone ringing; the reception wanting us to go down and give them our credit card as they had been unable to take payment for our final evening meal.  What a pain, Malc drew the short straw had to get dressed and go down to try to sort it out.  Why it wouldn’t wait until the morning we do not know. 

We spoke to the Manager in the morning and she apologised; Randy apparently had not been working there long and hadn’t dealt with it very well.  Gouldings had [worryingly] lost the details of our card, which we gave two days previously when we arrived.  We received an apology and were provided with a free breakfast for the inconvenience.  Still worried about our card details and will now need to contact our Bank to ensure that there will be no unauthorised spending on it.  Diana was told by the Manager to only dwell on the good memories and to forget this experience; it was dismissed as a minor incident not worth thinking about [insisting that a customer get out of bed after 10 pm at night to sort the bill and the disappearance of our credit card details, really!]  These sorts of incidents play havoc with the memories and are difficult to leave behind. 

We did however enjoy our albeit brief stay at Gouldings Lodge and the meals we had there -  although no-one in the USA  seems to understand the word ‘small’ re portions.  The Stagecoach dining room staff were lovely, our room was very comfortable and the view amazing.  Malc was in John Wayne heaven and insisted we play cowboy songs on the ipod whilst driving with which he joined in enthusiastically.  He can’t wait to watch again those ‘great’  John Wayne films [boxed set] which Helen bought him one Christmas – thanks Helen!!



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