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Bastos Magic - Rendez-vous with the man who drove his world around

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 25 February 2011 | Views [865]


At a street corner, at the end of the world, minutes from the beach

He finally knocks the door of the happy house.

It’s about the couch!

He is like me.

I am like him.

We're couchsurfers.

I kiss him, it's normal we are from the same tribe.

That day, Jamie is offering a home sweet home to both of us.

Me for few weeks.

Bastien for one night.

He moves in. We start to discuss

and the connection is made.


It was no more a simple click.

The virtual connection died in the blink of an eye.

Reality built the connection.

From human to human.

He told me everything.

My eyes shone.

Before me, a rare man...

An extra-ordinary man holding the flame of freedom and life.


Bastien is Magic: Bastos is a magician.

Magic Bastos is a super man

He has the power to change the established order.

The power to impose his view on life.

The power to say Yes to life.

Yes to dreams.

Yes to the extreme.


He rolls, rolls, rolls across the world.

He rolls because his legs have fallen asleep and

He has every intention of not letting sleepiness take

possession of his body and his life.


Deprived from the use of his legs when he flirted with the wind,

Magic Bastos decided to take off otherwise.

« Magic Bastos » is a life run at hundred miles an hour,

Magic Bastos, it is several lifetimes in one life.


Until he was 27 years, he looked like any ordinary man in the world

with his dreams, with his follies, with his own small passions and his great passion.

Sport was the love of his life.

Day after day he was playing and flirting with all sports.


Fanatic Kite surfer, he flew up very high, too high.

Loved by the waves, adored by the wind, the passion was brutal.

The wind swept away Bastien through gusts.

Projected onto the cement, Bastien legs gave up on him.

Bastien, the ordinary man, became an instant paraplegic.

The doctor’s first words stab Bastien in the heart.

"You can not walk"

Bastien was in Shock.

It was a precipice. A shout.

"Sport is my life. If I can ever do

 then shoot me a ball in the head right now "


The ordinary man was not considering the extraordinary man who was sleeping in him.

And Magic Bastos regained control quickly and brought Bastien back on the track of life in few days.

"Your life is magic Bastien, so now you’re not going to do without me" whispered Magic Bastos.


That fatal Kite Surf accident revealed to the world that Bastien was not Mister Anybody:

He will now be 100% Magic Bastos and he will roll all prejudices.

Until now, Bastien had lived all the possibles.

From now, Magic Bastos would target all the impossibles.

The wheelchair will help him to reach those impossibles.


Before 2005, Bastien dreamed the Xgames ,

as a dream to remain a dream of the ordinary man.

Magic Bastos crossed the barrier of the dream. He had to be part of it.

In 2008, he was athlete at the Xgames.

Before 2005, Bastien dreamed of long journeys.

In 2008, Magic Bastos climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in his wheelchair.

Before he continued flying high and start to roll his own world in 2010 for 6 months, solo,

To meet men, women, ordinary, extraordinary, on two legs or on two wheels.

And show the world that the mind constructs its own barriers that flight is within reach of everyone, because in each of us lies a Magic Bastos, ready to roll the world.


Let those who are on his path beware because

An encounter with Magic Bastos could disrupt your ideas

and give you wings to take parallel paths and targeting the impossible.



- 1st handicapped skier to participate in the Derby Meije


- Climb Kilimanjaro


- 1st French boarder to participate in the XGames in sit skiing - Aspen USA

- Vice World Champion of Boating handiski.

- Champion of France sitting wakeboarding on cable water ski.


- Trip around the world, solo, without assistance for 6 months & 8 countries.

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