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My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Worldwide | Tuesday, 8 November 2011 | 5 photos

Passionate with connecting to the world, travel has become my favorite playground, a time to leave without luggage except two things : the camera and the spirit of a child, without prejudices, virgin of any certitudes and past learning. Camera in hand, like a wand, suddenly i open the eyes wider and on the same ground, i finally find myself on a new place ready for the unexpected, ready to walk without plan, keep only one single objective: To report the heart of one another, its invisible truths and make the connections of the plenty worlds living apart on the same planet. Amazing photographers have open the eyes of the one who don’t have the time to look at what seems invisible to them. Beyond the trees, a nomad of borneo holding a rare flame in his eyes while a calao flies over him. Behind a wall of a shopping center in malaysia, a refugee woman working in fear, holding the hope of a meal for her baby tonight. A colony of ants reaching the peaks of a tree. A camera in hand and the road becomes obvious, ways are revealed along the way. Let the journey guide you and open the road to better see the world. Open all your senses and let instinct take the pulse of the trip. Divert, stop, listen, smile, share, bifurcate, leave, stay true. By instinct. Get Closer. Look closely. Listen, Feel, Live, Share, and Feel. Relive the memories. Sympathize. Humbly. Go beyond the limits of language. Penetrate the intimacy. Gain trust. Enter into secrets. The time is with you, within your eyes. Fusion happens. Photo is taken, immortalizing a world in evolution.
Tonight i dream of a journey on the side of Jason Edwards photographing wildlife and landscapes in Kruger National Park.

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