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Serial Dreamer

I was borned in France. I definitively quit my career in South East Asia in  international business at the beginning of 2005 in order to focus on my old dream  nurrished by magical places in Asia. I dicovered Asia for the first time in 1997 and have since then spent over 5 years on the continent. Since 2005, I focus my life on writing, thinking, travelling, dreaming, writing more, taking pictures and films, meeting people, making interviews and make documentaries.
USA , the border line between career and utopia...  
It’s in the USA that I take off for the first time by working in Maryland and Georgia. I then getshired  in the heart of the Olympic Village during Atlanta Olympic in 1996 where I would live extatic moments at the junction of an international frenetic gathering. The year after I would leave for Taiwan where I works independantly and by myself for 3 months on behalf of a french cosmetic organization: The cultural choc is strong and print a strong sense of the unknown and of cultures to discover.
Co-organizer during 3 years of the Festival for the young directors by Universciné ( Paris X University) , the price for the student initiativ in 1998 allows me to fly for San Francisco, a city of colors where I am propeled during a few months between two opposite world of the USA: Working in the heart of the dynamism and the creativity of Silicon Valley start ups during the day , I ll be coming back every night to Utopia land , my little appartment on haight street where she share the place with artists, squatters, green activist and nomads of all sorts . It is a great opportunity for everyone to mix and exchange ideas in that communal appartment where I end up by chance at the corner of a street.
Ideas on the world fuse , consciousness evolve.
Great canadian and oceanian natural spaces
I pursue my studies in Canada and discover great landscapes, virgin lakes, unspoiled waterfalls and forests inhabited by king bears. My childhood dreams change into reality in a country where nature is not yet fully controlled and harmed by man.
I then spend a year in Australia where I take again part of the organization of the Olympic games. I got the chance to be part of the dancing team for the closing ceremony of the game and I also work at the french olympic comittee.
With my Ford Falcone, I travel on the east coast of Australia and I discover jewels of nature like the Coral Barrier. I make my first encounters to the australian aborigenes , their history and their cause.
Love in Asia
A contract of 16 months at the French Embassy of Malaysia allows me to make the most of my free time in order to explore all the corners of a fascinating country of beauty , peace and natural wonders: Between lakes and pristine forests, encounters with the dragon of Mont Knabalu or the giant snakes od the Lake Chini, I keep on exploring territories all the time more and more magic with unknown dimensions to the western consciousness.
I pursue my asian adventure by integrating a malaysian company  which entrust the management of international markets to me and then the company sends me to open a branch of the company in Thailand.
The great Jungle Dream:  Bornéo
Changing all the time my business suit to my trekking gear, its in Borneo that I will find my self attached tothe pulp of earth. Over there, I am fascinated by the pristine great island, lungs for the earth and I ll gladly leave my heart there.  
Spe,ding several months over there, I ll be going there and coming back meeting new tribes , going to new local festivals, dicovering new landscapes, but most of all getting more and more aware and involved in the plea of the forests and its people like the Penan, nomadic people of the forest who are forced to resettled  but also its millions of other inhabitants: animals, spirits of a traditions of thousands years, ancient trees and insects. A land of legends, I sadly see gradually the memory of the past fade away while confronting to crual reality of a destroying present.
As i got involved in the Tsunami event and the emergency volunteer team in Thailand , it is during that period when earth made herself clear that it was still under control, that i decided to end my career in industrial and capitalism world, nurrished by a deep awareness that i did not find harmony or clear dedication to the values of it . I decided to focus my life in concentrate on what until now i had loved to do: get testimony of true people, observe earth, people and talk to people who have a clear understanding on nature as they live close to it: Ancient men and women in tribes, villagers and minorities, whose life is directly linked to Nature.
 It was time to open my ears to the mystical whispers who remains in countries where imaginary  and magic still maintain an important place  in human reality - even though it is declining.
Getting into Professional writing
My knowledge on Malaysia took me to collaborate with the editor “ Places with a heart” and to write erporting for Gavroche magazine in Thailand and Expatriate Lifestyle in Malaysia. After a quick return in France, in december 2005, and a travel of few weeks alone - with a small Clio on  Italian roads and especially in Sardinia - i ll get back on Asian roads.
Burma and Borneo will be the my first lands of predilection for my writing projects. I ll also travel through Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, THailand in order to get deeper into subjects that really touch me - among them the filipinos illegals in Borneo. I also write the updates of guide books of London, Burma, Philippines and Malaysia but also of various articles for newspapers and magazines.
In 2006, i work with a french specialist on kite, Christophe Martine, on a project of a documentary on Malaysian kite.
My main objectives and my main credo is to always leave space to unforeseen events and surprises, to unexpected thoughts and dreams  and to utopia. My main drivers are all that is close to heroism, fighting for one’s human rights, love, festivals, weddings, sounds, legends and spirits of nature, ancient sayings. ALl those elements are the kind of elements i am more attentive to during my 2 years of travel in Asia but the most important idea of my travel  at that time is not to plan anything and to let myself guide by signs and see what happens...
Lots has indeed happen and was a source for my next book “ In the shade of your smile”
First Bond  : A country with smiles and shadows
After playing in the french natinal team at the World championship of Sepak Takraw at the King’s cup in Bangkok in 2005 ( and also in 2007) and having spent 5 months in Burma, i ll get back to Malaysia but with  complete new eyes.  
After a few months in London, I come back to Paris in 2007 and have been focusing my self on using all the materials of my travels in Asia, focusing n the write up f my book and the directing of a 41 minutes movie who was shown in various festivals.
My dedication to HUman rights and Cinema has been recognized by various artists in France, among others Jean Claude Barny , and in August 2007 i get to the 64th Venize Mostra and i am part of a group of professionals gathering among the topic of Human rights and Cinema.
As per today , I am meeting various directors and human rights activists, working on projects with them ( documentaries and short movies)  and I am writing personal projects of documentaries in parallel to the writing of my first book.
In my spare time i also make pictures of whatever catch my eyes, especially artists which i fiind amazing as character of the imaginary, and i also make videos of concerts or shows.

In my trip there is a priority room for unexpected encounters, dreamers and utopians. Freedom, love, weddings and celebrations, sounds, legends and nature spirits are my the best guide for my trip which has no return forecast. 

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